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A nearly PERFECT game for PS3. But re-play value?

posted by sixfrost (BROOKLYN, NY) Dec 1, 2007

Member since Nov 2007

This game is an almost perfect title for PS3. From the opening movie to the end titles - everything is incredible. Story line, Graphics, Sound, Control... a gaming perfection! I have been waiting to play a game like this.

Graphics are a true high definition experience. Slick, life like. The clothes get wet when it rains or you go swimming, the light angles, the shadows. The environments are so beautifully rendered, and in combination with excellent surround sound you feel like you are IN the game. The grass and plants move as you walk through them. The voices of the actors, the actual acting is great also. The control is SO intuitive, you will master it in a matter of minutes. The screen is clear of any HUDs, health bars, etc. It is really clean.

I like the frequent check points that autosave and the healing feature - if you get shot just sit tight for a few seconds and the health will go back to normal.

The overall look of the game is like watching a movie. And it's also its downfall... I dont see much in replay value... After I finished watching a great movie (playing this great game), I may come back to it again in a few weeks or a month... But after that? I dont know...

It's an incredible playing experience, rent it, dont buy it.

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An Outstanding game but

posted by Zeldax73 (LITTLE FALLS, MN) Nov 30, 2007

Member since Dec 2002

The game is great and everything except I don't like it that Drake can't hide the way a real person wouldv'e been able to hide!..Lol.Man what were you thinking Naughty Dog!..Really! "Does Stupid Run In Your Gamer Developers Heads?..Or Were they just taught that its ok to rush this game and make us the consumer look like an idiot! By Buying it!..I really don't like to crush this game Because yes I like it! Its just Its not that realistic!..The graphics are fantasic I give you that! But the way the game is jiggy with the camera not cool! And the way Drake trys to hide feature doesn't help that much with those cheap A.I Enemies in this game..Sorry I give it a 8.5..Nice Try..Though! =)

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What a game!

posted by JPollock (LOUISA, KY) Nov 30, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

This game is by far the best game of it's type that I have ever played. The graphics are amazing, the story line is superb, and it never gets repetitive. Therefore what more could you ask for?

The only down side is that it's so good you will not want to stop playing it until it's over and then once it's over you will want there to be more game to play. Which is a pretty good downside if you think about it.

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