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Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

posted by Sergeant_Steez (RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA) Nov 16, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

definitely a good game, i'd say outside of a few small things the game definitely deserves the 10/10 most gaming sites and fans are giving it, only thing i didn't like was the combat was a little repetative you didn't really have many options as to doing anything outside of punching people to do anything extraordinary you had to be near something that would allow it like a bar or a wall or something nearby part of the surrounding enviornment but it was mehh if you ask me just keep hitting square and it dies i think that they should have reduced the reaction time to countering enemy combat as well because it was way to easy to block attacked, minus the last boss he was quick with the knife, but the game enviornment was astounding (PS3 - HDMI) audio was astounding i'm playing on a plasma with HDMI so 1080p res, but audio probably would have been even better if you have surround sound so keep that in mind, definitely one of the better games to have come out this year, oh one more thing game was kinda shorter then i thought it'd be took me about 2 days considering i stopped to go to work all day one of those days i'd say about 14 - 16 hours of gameplay maybe 17 if you stop to get all the treasures which serve no purpose to me i just like to watch all the cutscenes and stuff like that this isn't really a game i felt the need to get every chest and all the best stuff like FF or KH for example, not "KEEP" material on gamefly but definitely a good time passer by lol.

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Very Good

Not the Best Game in the Trilogy, Not GOTY

posted by CrisPBacon (CARSON CITY, NV) Nov 16, 2011

Member since Jul 2010

Uncharted 3 is good, however, it's a massive step backwards for the franchise. The first two games have excellent story, superb character development, and premium action sequences. Uncharted 3 throws story and character development out the window and focuses on set pieces. I won't spoil the story, but it starts out awesome and ends flat. The ending is deus ex machina, which is shockingly disappointing for Naughty Dog, plus it doesn't make any sense once you think about it. The game makes up for a less than average story with stunning visuals and good-looking action. The problem is that the action takes a long time to get going and never presents a real challenge. Even worse--the AI is terrible and the game is rather easy. It's incredibly easy, this may be the games biggest offense. Hard mode is very easy, crushing is a little bit more difficult but overall it's a breeze. The game simply isn't challenging, even the final boss fight is easy on crushing mode.

I feel an important thing missing from the game is the element of fear, that looming threat of the unknown. U1 has zombie Spaniards, U2 has demon Yeti's, U3 has--spiders, yeah spiders.

Forget anything you've heard about "stealth" being added to the game, that's a 100% lie. There's the same amount of "stealth" as the first two games, which is pretty much none. A wide variety of melee combat was added, and it's fantastic. But don't expect any of the new moves to showup in multiplayer, melee mechanics are removed and a sprint function was added. This creates a massive disparity between the single player and multiplayer experiences. In multiplayer you can shoot someone in the chest 6 times and they won't die, but they can simply sprint up to you, punch you twice and your done. The frustration is you cannot block or dodge melee attacks like you can in the single player. I don't get it.

This is a set-piece driven game with an average story, terrible AI, and extremely easy. Not GOTY materi

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Exceptional use of 3D

posted by Zerjax (MOBILE, AL) Nov 16, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

Not enough 3D reviews going around and I must say it's phenomenal.

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