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Overrated & Overhyped

posted by SupaFuegoTigre Nov 1, 2011

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Uncharted 3, were do I begin to start on this overrated game. In fact, the whole series is overrated. It is nothing but GREAT graphics, eye candy pretty much. The camera angles are just as bad as the previous two if not worse, the campaign seem to just drag on for hours and it is not even entertaining, and you have to pay for online?!?! I mean if you know every Playstation 3 owner is gonna waste 60 dollars on the game, then why would you have those who rented it, from I don't know say GameFly, pay for online? What are they EA? The story is the basic repetative story as the previous two games, climb, climb, cutscene, cover, shoot a guy, climb, climb, ect. ect. It is as if they copied and pasted all the Tomb Raider games and just changed the main character's hair (He wears a bandana/scarf, need I say more?). No one plays Uncharted for the multiplayer and it shows. Online is nothing but power weapons, laggy/buggy servers, and little kids who like explosions every 3 seconds and think it's Battlefield 3 so they sit in one spot and "defend", even though there is nothing to defend. But I will say this, It has AMAZING graphics. Crysis 2 is nothing compared to this game. Great graphics is also one of its flaws. Great graphics distract the players from bad gameplay, storyline, and bugs. It tends to studder a bit so i've heard but I can't confirm this. I hope I, SupaFuegoTigre, has helped shed some light and hopefully made you think twice about this overrated, overhyped, and down-right terrible game. I contemplated selling my Playstation 3 after playing this game. Good Day!

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