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Above Average

Good, but...

posted by Kashabo (MIDLAND, MI) Apr 20, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

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In Ultimate Spider-Man you still do whatever a spider can, but only half as effectively as you could in Spider-Man 2. Sure, it looks great and has some awesome presentation with the same free-roaming Spidey action and swinging mechanics that made SM2 great, but it still has serious flaws.

As far as controls go, they're nearly the same as in SM2, but you can't wall sprint, do aerial acrobatics, charge your jumps or attacks, and your combat options are severely limited in comparison. I really missed the ability to dodge attacks. Just jumping away when your Spider-sense goes off is a joke.

There's no upgrading, either, so you're stuck with the same attacks at the end of the game that you had at the beginning.

I loved being able to play as Venom, but I would've wanted to have been able to destroy more than just cars and the (surprisingly) few people in NYC. I want to be able to rip up anything from the street and take chunks out of buildings like in Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. To put it short, just like Spidey's half was done better in another game, So was Venom's.

The worst part: I beat the story in 4 and a half hours. Afterwards, the free-roaming (since I was finally able to roam without feeling hurried along to the next part of the story) felt shallow and uninteresting. Since I really didn't want to take the time to do aaalll those nerve-shattering races and beating up the same smattering of thugs and running around looking for tokens (in essence: 100% completion) just to unlock the black symbiote suit, I put it down really quickly after the 4 1/2-hour story was done.

Rent if you're a Spider-man enthusiast, but don't expect it to top its predecessor.

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GF Rating

Very Good

This game is very good

posted by RedWolf (LITTLETON, CO) Apr 26, 2006

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Member since Apr 2006

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This is the best spiderman game i have ever played. I love the free play mode.The best part is playing as venom and destroying everything after you beat the game. You can only play free play mode after you beat the game butotis worth it. This game is worth renting. trust me.

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GF Rating


Pretty neat, but not too neat.

posted by Ragnex (SILVER SPRING, MD) Jun 19, 2006

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The main complaint I have with this game it that it came out AFTER spiderman 2 and it wasn't as good. There were a lot of similarities, but some this that were changed should have been left alone.

Venom is playable and he's awesome
Cool swinging/fighting system
Cameos from other characters
Art wise/graphically interesting

Follows the ultimate spiderman storyline, which, to be honest, blows.
Events not increadibly interesting
Too much of the same

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