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Ultimate Muscle: Legends vs New Generation

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Gameplay Controls

Ultimate Muscle: Legends vs New Generation

Control Stick Walk (tap for Dash)
A Button Attack (hold down for stronger attack), Escape Grapple (timed to opponent's attack)
B Button Guard, Counter (timed to opponent's attack)
X Button Jump
Y Button Grapple
Z Button Support Action
L Button Level 1 & 2 Special Techniques
R Button Level 3 Special Techniques
C Stick Tag & change target
Start/Pause Start a game
Combo #1 ATTACKS: Hold A Button = Power attack, A Button consecutively = Combo attack, A Button consecutively -> A Button hold = Power combo attack, A Button in mid-step = Dash attack, A Button mid-jump = Mid-air attack, A Button near downed opponent = Mat attack, A Button (hold near downed opponent) = Powerful mat attack.
Combo #2 GRAPPLE: Y Button = Throw (differs depending on whether it is executed from opponent's front or rear), Y Button -> X Button = Throw up, Y Button -> X Button (hold) = Throw up attack, Y Button -> A Button (hold) = Hammer throw, Y Button (mid-jump) = Mid-air throw, Y Button (hold mid-jump) = Homing mid-air throw, Y Button (opponent bouncing back from Hammer Throw) = Counter throw, Y Button (mid-step) = Step throw.
Combo #3 SPECIAL TECHNIQUES: L Button + A Button = Level 1 Special Attack, L Button + Y Button = Level 2 Special Throw, L Button + R Button = Level 3 Finishing Moves, L Button + R Button = Tag Team Combination (during Tag Team, both allies are at Level 3 Power).
Combo #4 OTHERS: Partner presses A Button = Power Throw, Z Button = Power Throw (2 vs 2), Partner presses Z Button = Support Action, Partner presses B Button = Capsule Shoot.