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Ultimate Muscle: Legends vs New Generation

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posted by scarfaic (NORRISTOWN, PA) Jun 20, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

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I kinda took a gamble on a game that might suck. But I was releived when I popped it in and played it. I could recognize the roots of this game from the jump. AKI. It remided me of a favorite of mine, No Mercy, for the 64. So I already felt at home when I played my first match. Its basicaly a fighting game fused with a wrestling game but they pulled it off pretty good. You dont pin people, you just have to beat your opponet senceless untill their health bar goes all the way down and do a move to KO them for a win.

The character creation wasnt as detailed as I hoped it to be though. Their older 64 games had real extensive character creators but I was disappointed when I seen the character creation in this game. You could only pick about 16 parts for the arms, torso, legs and head. And you could only chose between like 6 colors. You cant pick the moves your character uses beside the 3 bar special moves... I just like to call it a huge disappointment.

The gameplay is kind of iffy. Characters only have a few moves, and using those few moves are basicaly the whole match. Then when you build 3 special bars you can quickly land a devestating health chomping special, which isnt exactly fair. The gameplay gets repetive quick, but its still somehow fun despite that.

The graohics are great too. Ive always loved the cel-shaded graphics style, and im glad that they went for that in this game. Theres also a kind of story mode (i guess thats kinda of what it is) that is 5 matches long and you have to sit back and listen to the horrible comments the characters make. The announcers in-game is pretty annoying as well, they seem to say the same thing over and over, buts its not a real big deal. I learned to just shut them out.

And by the way, theres a more updated version of this game thats out for the PS2. Its a bit differnt, but the gameplay is still basicaly the same, if not, better. Just search for Ultimate Muscle for PS2.

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Very Good

Uiltimate Musle Legends vs New Generation

posted by CCLL26 (GLOUCESTER, VA) Aug 23, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

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Game Video was a good.thank-you gamefly.

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ultimate muscle

posted by nick12 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Jul 6, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

this game might look fun. But as soon as you play it it is very confusing.You can't do any combos the only thing you can really do is grapple and an punch and here and there.and the graphics terrible

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