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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3


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Also on:PS Vita, Xbox 360
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Ultimate Marvel-ous vs. Capcom 3

posted by StarRaven (WELLINGTON, FL) Dec 22, 2011

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This game is awesome.

I'm always one to hate on fighting games, especially Capcom's because they always charge a ton of money for DLC that's already included in the game and they always release an "ultimate edition" with all the DLC later anway... and then make more DLC, etc.

But, something about this game is just fun and addicting. I really enjoyed it the first time around and was really only looking forward to this to obviously play as the new characters in such, but, I find myself going after the same trophies and collecting the same extras I did the first time. It's just so much fun.

I really think it has to do with the graphics being so gorgeous, and the gameplay being so smooth and responsive.

The best part about this game is getting it through gamefly. When I got the first MC3, I remember almost Platinuming it the first day because I couldn't stop playing, thinking about people on my friends list who spent 80$ on the Collector's Edition and how sad that ones, especially since I knew Ultimate would eventually be here.
Well here it is, and once again I get to play this awesome game with all the bells and whistles without having to spend the cash. So awesome.

This is obviously the best edition of the game so, it's awesome, highly recommended.

Bad side, Jill Valentine and Shemagorath are still DLC =/

Heroes vs. Heralds is awesome!!!! (wish there were trophies for that)

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Awesome Game...IF

posted by agooddaytodie (QUINCY, MA) Nov 28, 2012

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you can spend every waking moment learning the ridiculous amount of moves and rules to the crushing level fighting games have gotten to. Don't get me wrong...once you get it down it works, it's awesome and alot of fun, but I do sometimes long for the days when you could pick up a fighting game on the normal setting and you might get up to the 2nd to last boss if you are competent at gaming...not get your a## handed to you 5 fights in on the normal setting. Other than that, beautiful characters and I could see playing for hours if I could bother taking the time with the movesets. I am not going to ever be bothered with learning the amount of frames a move takes cause quite frankly...I have other games to demolish and other things to do with my life.

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Very Good


posted by Persona_ (WATERBURY, CT) Jan 19, 2012

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i thoiught the game was better then its predesesters. the graphics were better, the sound was the same, the addition of characters were cool but what i would honestly like to see is the developers to create a MVC4 where they put all of the cool characters into the game. characters like "Phoenix Wright" have no business in a fighting game such as this. their are so many more cap com characters out there i cant understand why not use them??

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