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Really Bad


posted by dannyd (HIALEAH, FL) Nov 9, 2007

Member since Nov 2006

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More than half the games stated on the game description are not available. Do not rent this game. Also, Gamefly please change the game description it is incorrect.

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What gives? 20 games or 12?

posted by eliswen (MONTGOMERY VILLAGE, MD) Oct 22, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

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First off, the copy of the game I received doesn't include Enigma, Snakes and Ladders, Parcheesi, Dice, or Dominoes. It only includes 12 games, not 20. You may notice the box cover here on Gamefly says there are 12 games included--which is true. But go elsewhere online and the box says there are 20 games. And of course, the missing eight games include the ones I just listed. I did a quick Google search looking to understand the discrepancy, but couldn't find out why it exists.
Beyond this, when I play the game I feel like I'm playing an old computer game from the early 90s. They may as well have made this game/combo of games for the original NES. The music is highly annoying, the graphics are bad (even for board game standards) and the movements are awkward. I can't even remember how may times I put the marble in the wrong place while playing Chinese checkers. The background, while seeking to be "hip" or something like that, actually turns out to be annoying and distracting. You can probably adjust it, but I found I lacked the desire to even bother trying. Me and my spouse played the games for about an hour and a half before growing bored.
My advice? If you want to play these games, turn off the TV, go by a combo board game set at Walmart for $20, pop some popcorn, and gather around the table for some real fun. Save your hard-earned game budget for some real video games.

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Stick to the Internet

posted by buddhadan (SANDY, UT) Nov 5, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

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Before I start into the meat and potato aspect of my review, I must start by stating that I did not do a lot of research before renting this game, so part of the blame in regards to expectations lie directly with me.

That being said...

This game was truly horrible. It basically grabbed a few of the games that you might normally find in a game closet at home or on the internet and placed them, sans any real extras, onto the Wii console.

With the awesome potential of this gaming system, the amazing amount of space provided on a standard disk, and the countless other versions of these games in the world, I was very unhappy with their choices of the games provided and the way in which they were done.

Given the nature of the Nintendo family to provide family oriented fun in a cute and playful environment, I found that this was neither cute or playful and it was most certainly not fun. Any of these games, as they were on the Wii, can be found on numerous free sites on the internet. I can imagine very little playability with this game, even online or with a group of people.

As an example, you have an equivalent of battleship, chess, checkers, chinese checkers, connect 4, and similar types of games to play. All of these lack cute or fun (in my opinion) animations, options for how the game can be played (other than the basics) or any real flash to them.

I recall from my youth, a game that I believe was called Battle Chess. It had awesome animations and some humor to it that made even non chess fans happy and really satisfied those who loved chess due to its power.

I do love the Wii overall, and I'll admit that this is the first game I think that it has flopped on.

In the end, I would recommend that you avoid this game unless you really love the few things it has to offer and have a little extra money to burn. Otherwise, find these games online, play them and have fun with them, and use the Wii for the other games it has to offer.


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