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UFC Undefeated

posted by StarRaven (LAKE WORTH, FL) Feb 16, 2012

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THQ and UFC remain king of MMA video games, 3 times in a row.
Career Mode is faster, easier to get through. The minigames, although, intelligent, are actually pretty tough. There aren't as many Camps this year, and that's too bad. Learning specific moves remains a chore though. No more Media Appearances etc. But sponsers demand more attention this time.
Exhibition is where it's at. The fighters feel a bit more lifelike and reflect their real life counterparts pretty well.
PRIDE mode... need I say more? This was an incredible addition to the game.
162 fighters, best roster, ever, hands down.

CAF... this is where the game hurts. You can upload fighters and share them with other gamers, create your own logos, tats, banners, etc. This is awesome.
You cannot however copy characters, reupload a CAF once you've remixed it. And this biggest problem of all is that CAFS are INSANELY weak. Terrible in fact. The only solution to that is to take them through career, but, how many times are you going to want to do that? And, as I said before, it's more difficult to mold them how you want in career. The alternative is pay 3$ per CAF for extra points. Rip off? Greedy? Oh yeah. This is horrifyingly rude to the fans. Inexcusable.
The music is bad too.

Online is better than last year.

This is the best MMA game out, it's improved 10-fold over the last game in the series. I want to give it a perfect 10, because it IS that good. But CAF really kills it for me.
Hopefully, this game will have a lot of support post-launch and some of these issues can be addressed.

I highly recommend this game.

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posted by zigwiglig (PLAINFIELD, IL) Feb 17, 2012

Member since Oct 2009

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Way better then last years game. This game has so many more options and choices for your story mode career it is insane. The Pride integration is pretty nifty and is a nice turn of events. graphics are awesome like always and the controls have seem to grow better with the new iterations.

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Very Good

UFC Undisputed: THQ and Yuke's Go For Round 3

posted by Mayflower96 (LEACHVILLE, AR) Jul 17, 2012

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In UFC 2009: Undisputed, the focus was on solid fighting mechanics. In UFC Undisputed 2010, the focus was on creating more in-depth modes such as Career Mode. In this game, THQ and Yuke's focus on user-friendliness. The fighting is still as solid and jaw shattering as ever, but some things have been revamped to make the game more friendly to the novice players. For example, attempting a submission now starts a mini-game that involves the person pursuing trying to overlap the person escaping using colored bars to represent each fighter. Also, transitions are split into two different methods which you can change in the options, depending on if you want to play with the original method of transitions or a simplified version that allows you to transition with the flick of the right analog stick. Creating a fighter and playing in career mode is my favorite thing to do in this game, since you can customize your fighter to be unique in his fighting style, although most created fighters still look similar if you don't put too much time into it. Players can also create their own entrances, touch glove animations, banners, and even create their own tattoos. You can now perform several training and sparring sessions to upgrade your fighter, such as stand-up sparring and tire flipping. On top of that, you can also visit many world famous training camps and learn new moves with other well known fighters. You can also play through another type of career mode with your favorite fighter, and essentially rewrite their career history as you see fit. There are other game modes such as tournaments and Ultimate Fights mode, which are all fun. The game has a lot to offer, and although everything here has gotten better, there is still plenty of room for improvement. Fighters could use more facial customization features, the commentary is a mixed bag, and tutorial mode should explain some of the terminology to novices as well. Still though, this is as real as it gets.

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