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Perfect MMA Fighting Game YET!

posted by bobaaganoosh (PLAQUEMINE, LA) Feb 17, 2012

Member since May 2011

I cant even describe in words how perfect this game is. If anyone downrates it it'll either be due to the servers being poor right now (but most game with online usually have poor servers at start so its no biggy)

But, with that said. The game's gameplay is at it's FINEST! Tons of new gameplay on the grond you can utilize like swayying when on your back to avoid punches, a new submission system that to me, is kind of weird and hard to get but after a while you get it and its alright. Me, im more of a technical fighter so i keep up with my stand up game but if the fight rolls to the ground i can bounce in and out of situations.

Another thing i CANNOT stand is when people downrate these video games all due to an ONLINE PASS! SO WHAT! Buy the game and you WONT have that issue. I mean, it comes with a 7 day free trial. Thats LONG enough to figure out if youd like to keep it or not.

To me, the game's graphics, gameplay, the engine their using, the voice overs are allllll excellent.

The career mode has even been upgraded allowing you to add new things with your sponsors that you earn. Theres also new training mini gamesyou can dolike fliping that big tire that fighters do in real life and things like that, all to better your fighters abilities. You can also fight in Pride as well. Earning belts in both the WFA, UFC and PRIDE, allowing for a nifty achievement [:

All in all, i say this game is well worth a buy. Renting it, youll end up playing it and either getting really annoyed bc your not good at it, give it a bad rating. Or else youll rent it and see how amazing it is and wanna keep it.

Do yourselve's a favor, BUY THE GAME! AND COME FIGHT ME [:

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GF Rating


Great Game, a little unrealistic

posted by dmisnow1 (FAYETTEVILLE, AR) Feb 17, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

As mentioned before, there are a few glitches. And there are currently server issues. The game can become repetitive in career mode (training, game plan) and using fight moves to train seems a bit clumpy (shoot on a medicine ball to catch it for example). You'll also face the same problem as you do with all sports games in that ratings don't always match current situations. Placing skill level different than what might be currently expected. The submissions while improved still lack in my opinion. Example - in the UFC if someone locks on a rear naked choke in the first round, likely fight is over. Gameplay - they are not likely worn down enough yet.

With all that said - this game is the best of this genre so far (Genre including other MMA and Wrestling games) It is realistic in that you maybe winning the entire fight and then get caught with a right hook and loose. The creat a fighter could be a little more expanded but it isn't bad.

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GF Rating

Very Good

great game

posted by gamejockey12 (CONROE, TX) Feb 17, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

it passes its previous releases by far controls are simple for first time players and realistic for the experts and fans of the sport takedowns feel truly authinticated and impact wounds are truly real for those who are looking for a great and non fabricated expeirence this is the game for you

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