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UFC Undisputed 2010


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UFC Undisputed 2010

posted by joe1234789 (JEFFERSON, OH) Mar 24, 2011

Member since Dec 2009

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UFC Undisputed 2010 is a in depth game towards real life mma cage fighting the fighting styles were very good. the training for your fighter was really great. you could do a lot with managing your fighting career with training, learning new fighting moves, sponsorship and the customization of ure fighter. although there were some things that got old like the commentaries and interviews. every fight that you had further into your career the interviews after the fight were the same questions over and over and the you got interviewed at camp the lady said the same thing over and over. the online experience is great fighting with other people and tournaments was great. the bad thing about being able to play online was that you had to pay for the online experience while you already haft to pay for x box live. i think UFC was a great game and they should take it a step further with the next one.

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Very Good


posted by BkLivewire (BAKERSFIELD, CA) May 25, 2010

Member since Mar 2007

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After playing UFC Undisputed 2009, i along with the rest of the community had alot of ideas on how to make the game more realistic and where to go from there. It really seems as if THQ took this into account and valued the opinions of the people who were actually playing the game.

You've got new features such as submission switching, being able to use the cage, weaving and more. They've also improved many of the features that were already in the game such as the ground game and the clinch game. They've added new modes like Title defense mode, title mode and tournament mode.

THQ have also vastly improved the career mode, your created fighter now has alot more options regarding appearance and you can even have your own name called out if it's in the massive list of popular names. Your created fighter will be able to start off in a less popular promotion before moving upto the ufc. You can even recruit professional fighters to spar with to improve certain aspects of your game eg. Anderson Silva to improve your muay thai or GSP to improve your wrestling.

Your fighter's gear is also alot more customizable, placing sponsors are freeform on your shorts rather than having to place them in certain positions as in 09. Your created fighter can also pick certain moves to learn like Machida's triangle kick, Chuck's overhand right which makes it alot more diverse rather than having to stick to a set moveset based on your discipline. In the online mode you have the option to join fight camps and spar with friends to improve your fighter.

-Improved career mode
-Create a fighter more customizable
-New features that bring a whole new realism to the game
-Online fight camps

-A higher learning curve than last year due to the more complex controls, however there is a lengthy tutorial that will explain everything and also practice mode to sharpen your skills.

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Very Good

UFC 2010

posted by victim36 (SPRINGFIELD, MO) Oct 12, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This game is a must play for any UFC or fighting game enthusiast. THQ made some great improvements in game play, career mode, and graphics.
Like last year the game has several modes to choose from when you get started, I spent my time in the career mode option. And, THQ has given the game a face lift graphically, to keep the game looking "as real as it gets". Sorry, I know it was a cheesy plug.
The huge changes are in the moves that you can learn, that's right no picking a skill set and being stuck to its moves. You can bounce all over the place, picking different disciplines, not picking techniques you won't use. A great feature, I choose Muay Thai last year and was disappointed that I could never get the Superman Punch or Spinning Backfist. On top of that, in exhibition mode, each pro fighter plays differently.
Great game and should be experienced by every fan of the sport that's out there.

Pros: Graphics are amazing.
Plenty of modes and options to keep you playing for awhile.
Huge customization on create your own fighter system.
Updated fighting system gives you a lot more options in the fights.

Cons: My only real problem with this game is the submissions. Like last year it felt alien, and was off putting. Now I know they made improvements to the system, and I have no idea what else they could do. Just not my favorite thing, when I stun someone, they shoot in and score the takedown. Then in 20 seconds I am tapping out. I'm sure that with time and patience one could "master" the ground game. But, for me anyways, that's a little more time than I want to put into a game I'm renting.

8 out of 10

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