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ufc undisputed 2010

posted by santos313 (DETROIT, MI) Jan 5, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

the game was better than the first one just graphics and a new grappling system

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Very Good

Knockout Fighting Simulation

posted by RuinedTopHat (CORONA, CA) Dec 28, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

A new, barley updated sports title to refresh fans of the previous entry's shortcomings. My thoughts exactly when I saw the demo of this title available for play, enquiring only to differ from the many wrestling games played in my youth. Having little knowledge of mixed martial arts, the UFC or any fighter in/outside the ring, my predetermined thoughts were nothing more than a button masher enjoyable for a few fights. A title that captures my full attention with great presentation, style and a flawless control system deserves my hard earned money, the honor of accomplishing that with a simple demo is held by few.

A twelve year spanning career mode only offers a Create-a-Fighter challenger the chance to hold the gold but does a great job of simulating the journey from unknown to champion, with a strong custom skill class, attire and fighter modifications. A huge roaster of real fighters across five different weight classes waits at startup, throwing them into the cage with exhibition matches, title defense, title (capture) mode, tournament and Ultimate Fights, which recreates the best fights in UFC history, or gives the chance to change them. Online only offers exhibition or tournament play between players with custom UFC/create a fighter rules, leaving the UFC selected fighter possibly destroyed by a highly skilled CAF. A brand new game comes packed with a code for online play; a used copy will cost roughly an extra $5 for online fighting.

The fights appear just like the sport that inspired it. Fighters appear weak or tired with increasing body damage and a few fists to the head will leave a cut for blood to drip onto shoulders, bodies and the mat. Fighters are limited to competition in their respective weight classes, height or reach don't play a much of a factor due to the feel of balance between each fighter, never knowing when you might get stunned or knocked onto the mat makes engaging play. Graphics and sound look great in presentation to make this title

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Above Average

game of the year?

posted by treyshion (CONCORD, CA) Nov 2, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

this game has great quality, and mistakes. the good qualitys in this game is first they have a career mode, the only thi i dont like is in the interview they ask you the same thing. the second good thing about the game is you get to challenge who ever you lost to in career. the only down side is when you challenge someone they are 10x easier then before. the third good thing about the game is you can play online and it maches you up with people who have the same internet speed as you so the match is never slow, the downside is if you have a super fast/slow connection it is harder to find battles and if connection is just to fast they will set you up with anyone, even someone with a slow connection.this is just what i think of this game.

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