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Disappointing, But Not Without Merit

posted by Nallo (MCADOO, PA) Nov 6, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

Those lookingto get into shape, this one's for you... sorta.

The good: it's tailored to you.

It will initially take your height, weight, gender and fitness level to figure out what kind of workout best suits you. And I must say, it will get you sweating, no matter what your level. (Professional UFC fighters excluded) The game also has a few interesting features, such as calculating your BMI, tracking your progress on all sorts of graphs, and even making use of the camera so you can take before and after pictures... well, I suppose. Personally, I just took a picture of me enjoying a twinkie. Ah, irony.

It also has a wide variety of excersizes, explains them well, and gives you many ways to do them. You can pick the ones your prefer, one by one, or you can have the game pick them for you. It will even set up a calander so you have a schedule to stick with. You can tell alot of thought went into this game. (And might I say, the graphics on the PS3 don't look too shabby)

Now for the bad.

It seemed that, no matter what I did, the Move camera could not keep track of my movements. On some excersizes it counted too few reps, on some, too many. Seeing as how enough glitches like this could really screw up the calorie count, that killed it for me. Call me a perfecitonist, but I wanna know that I earned 546 Kcal, not "sorta around" 546 Kcal. Of course, you could just follow along as if it were a DVD, but then why bother renting the game? Just buy a DVD.

Also, if not absolutely neccessary, turn off the sound. Your trainer will be saying the same 16 phrases all day, every day, over and over toa-typical gym music that is ignorable at best. They don't even respond to your performance. They just blather.

All in all, I guess I can say that this does provide a pretty decent workout, but as a game, it fails. The motion tracking is glitchy (forbid that you only have 1 controller), the sound grates, and the graphics, while pretty, don't really add much.

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GF Rating


good idea, bad execution

posted by Liviadus (LEMOORE, CA) Aug 13, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

I went into trying this game with an open mind. The punches worked but when doing lunges and squats it wouldn't register the movement. I play EA sports Active and them having the motion sensing straps is a much better idea. You would think that when coming up with a new game they would see what makes other games so successful and try to compete not come out with a half schemed idea and try to rip off the customer. This game would be good if it was just boxing. Don't waste your time or energy on this game. Maybe it's better on the kinect.

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