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Gets old QUICK!

posted by Clipped (ONTARIO, CA) Jun 4, 2006

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No exaggerating, this game gets old within the first 15 minutes. You pick one character you've picked 'em all, no one character is unique. No special moves or finishers, just simple basic punch and kicks and takedown's, and a couple of lame submissions (submissions that even when you have a full energy bar if the cpu opponent locks it in, it's over - this is incredibly frustrating when you are 30 matches in and have almost full energy and your cpu opponent has half an inch left and your just about to beat him/her when they suddenly out of desperation grab you with a submission and bam it's over... the computer does this more often than you can believe, it's ridiculous and makes you want to smash your controller into your tv). I hope 'UFC 2' will be better done and hopefully they'll have worked out the major flaws; like making each character unique, and making submissions breakable; like if the cpu locks you in you have 5 seconds to rapidly rotate the left joystick and press buttons to break free. Overall this was an okay first attempt, but needs more work on making for a better game.

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