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Also on:Xbox 360, PS3
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GF Rating

Above Average

A trainer with technical, repetitive issues

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Sep 9, 2011

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There’s one thing that this game makes plainly clear: I am way out of shape. Doing the warm ups for the exercises has me gasping for air.
UFC Personal Trainer starts off with you doing a personal training test with pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, and other moves to see how fit (or not) you are.
Then you can workout with one of the fighters of the UFC in session that last about ten or fifteen minutes. Most of that time is spent stretching or cooling down with a brief period where you throw punches.
I liked the fact they stressed how important it is to warm up and cool down, but I don’t want to hear the fighter/trainer say the same lines over and over again while I’m going through the session.
If you don’t want to go through a workout, you can play mini games where you punch bags of different sizes or hit paddles on a UFC fighter. It’s a lot of fun to take out my anger out on something, but control recognition issues mar these games. Sometimes when I throw a punch, I get two punches, and sometimes I get no punches.
There’s an option to keep track of your progress after every workout and you can play some of the mini punching games with a second player, which can be fun.
UFC Personal Trainer has some good points, but control issues and repetitive voice-overs put a damper on this game. RENT IT.

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GF Rating

Very Good

great workout

posted by gameviewer (WINTER GARDEN, FL) Oct 7, 2011

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This game was the highest rated game for workouts.
I just got it in today and it was awesome. I got a workout just in the warm ups. What it does is you put in all info like height, gender, weight. Don't lie because it is very impotant. Then they have you do curl up, push ups, and jumping jacks.
It recommends what level you should excersise. I got beginner.
I start a work out which seemed to last forever. About half way through I pulled an unused mussle. So it is defenitly a good workout.
I would rent it for sure. The only thing I recommend to get it for a kinect if you can.

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GF Rating


not bad after all

posted by kiy25 (HARTFORD, CT) Jan 29, 2013

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burn all that fat learn how to fight incase of an stranger and i think u should play this for practice

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GF Rating


it kicks yoru butt

posted by michellelovefun (MECHANICSBURG, PA) Jan 31, 2012

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It gets your in to shape it is great I think.

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GF Rating



posted by candlelove1 (BOZEMAN, MT) Dec 21, 2011

Member since Dec 2011

As a UFC fan I looked forward to this title. After renting it this is my experience...First, you enter in your height, weight, etc. You complete a serious of tests to determine your level. Jumping jacks, sit-ups, push ups and more. (I would suggest a leg strap to hold the controller.) My out-of-shape self found this alone to be a good workout. Once finished you are free to choose a trainer to workout with. You have several trainer options. Unfortunately, like others have stated, it suddenly freezes up in mid workout on the Wii console. Please be cautious I have heard people have had it ruin the Wii console. Fortunately mine still works with no issues. I hope to try this for XBOX 360/Kinect very soon.

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GF Rating


Needs leg strap!!

posted by Leahzc (LAUREL, MD) Oct 23, 2011

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You need the leg strap (ie from EA Sports Active 1) that you can slip the nunchuck/second remote into. Without it, the majority of the game is useless. Unfortunately, I sent my SA1 leg strap to my nieces when I bought SA2, so I wasn't able to fully experience this game.

What I was able to do was a good, solid game with great, butt-kicking exercises. If you have a balance board, it makes the game THAT much better.

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