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A good soccer game

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) May 27, 2008

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UEFA EURO 2008 is a nice soccer game. Its a bit better than FIFA World Cup 2006. I think the controls are a bit weird. A thing that makes it good is the scoring system thing which makes you represent the country you pick. Xbox Live is so so. Everything is average I think but its good enough for a 7. I would not suggest you buy this game but you should put it in your gameq.

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posted by zbetzen (FORT COLLINS, CO) Oct 8, 2008

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If you've spent your entire life playing sports games then you may find this one a good game if mildly irritating. If you are like the rest of us there is only one word to describe this game, "Frustrating"

I had a heck of a time figuring out how to actually play this game. Because it came from gamefly there was no manual, and because it's an EA game that isn't madden there is no tutorial. If you are like most gamers you will probably end up checking the controller set up to figure out all of the buttons. Unfortunately their descriptions of what does what are not at all helpful. Also they mapped the B button to three different actions. One of them is "shoot the ball into the goal" while the other two seem to be "wing the ball high into the air in a random direction"

Right trigger is your standard "run fast" button, I am guessing it is linked to some sort of stamina gauge that if you use it too long your player will have an asthma attack and keel over. However the game will decide to switch players on you so much that this is never really an issue.

On defense every A B Y and the bumpers are mapped to "milling about" while X is mapped to "Kick 'em in the shins and get a yellow card."

On offense the A button is "pass", while the Y button is "pass to the other team". X is "boot the ball out of bounds" and B is your three action mystery button which may or may not get the ball in their goal. The right stick just taps the ball 3 feet in whatever direction you tap the stick.

Also while on defense your teammates seem to be afraid of the ball. Either that or they suffer from laziness. I even caught one of the lazy little buggers leisurely walking away from the guy with the ball while he was lining up a shot on my goal.

On the other hand when I have the ball all of the defenders swarm around me like angry bees. while my team is hanging out on our half of the field.

It's like being in middle school PE all over again.

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I need to title my review?

posted by GoodMP (KALAMAZOO, MI) Dec 4, 2009

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I like the game, frustrating at first and at times even after becoming pretty ok at it. It takes some time to figure out how to play it, and even then the passing/shooting seems to go in unexplainable directions. All in all I rate the game high because I play it alot and have fun doing so. I favor the option that lets you be just one guy, cuz even when you put autoswitching to nothing it still screws with you. Captain your country is cool, too. I kept the game cuz I was getting it for $15, it was a very easy choice to me.

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