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Fifa: Refined.

posted by aenderw (GREENSBORO, NC) May 22, 2008

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Every year there is a new football title released. Fifa 08 was another decent addition, but had one glaring problem. The 'Be A Pro' mode allowed you to play as your favorite footballer (or a player created one) and featured a zoomed in camera for a more intense experience. However, it only lasted a single game at a time.

UEFA 08 introduces the 'Captain Your Country' feature, essentially an extension of 'Be A Pro' across the entire season. Your chosen player and three other mates from his team drop to B-team status and you're forced to work your way back up. You earn attribute points to distribute for yourself and chosen teammates in order to get a spot on the actual team of your choice.

The only real problem with the game is A.I. So if you've opted to play 'Captain Your Country', you have to rely on spotty computer controlled teammates. Sometimes they'll catch a pass, sometimes they'll let it go. Most of the time, the goalie reacts well. Other times, he'll dive into a ball leaving the opposing corner open. It's a small price to pay, and doesn't detract from the overall experience very often, if at all.

Other modes include the 'Knockout Cup' (bracket style tourney) and 'Battle of the Nations' (online mode, with a points system) from Fifa 08.

The controls have received a welcome overhaul, as passing, shooting, and movement in general is much less of a chore. Not to mention, the animation is much more fluid in UEFA thanks to improved graphics over Fifa 08. The only blips I've seen occur during the replays.

The audio is spot on. Still no 'on the field' talk, but Fifa 09 isn't far off (hah).

As with any football title, it's worth a rent if you're moderately interested. Most of the diehard fans (myself included) will enjoy every minute of this game.

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Surprisingly Intense....Surprisingly Hard

posted by notthatguy (BOSSIER CITY, LA) Oct 21, 2008

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I had been waiting to get this game forever because I saw all of the great reviews and I like soccer. I was a little disappointed though, but I think it was mainly because I sucked.

My first instinct was to rip it out of my console, but I decided to keep playing to see if the game (or myself) improved at all.(Just so you know, I did choose a good team)which is not the best way to earn team points, but is supposed to be best for actually winning!

Four hours later, I was still playing with a furious, yet crazed determination that I was going to score a goal. I did end up scoring two total goals, one on accident past my own goalie, the other a miracle from God!

The reason I had such a difficult time was that the players without the ball can run faster than the player with the ball....which I guess is kinda true in real soccer, but SUCKS for video games! I was always overcome by the opposing team, and was not able to find a workable strategy to overcome this problem.(Yes, I passed the ball....more times than necessary). Slidetackling in this game is truly an art, and will most often land you a yellow card rather than a steal. I probably should have looked online for hints and tips, but I was so emersed and involved in this game that I thought I could just keep playing and eventually find something that worked....nope.

Anyway, the graphics were great, character movements were realistic and fluid, the announcers had a creepy accuracy and intelligence to what was happening in the game. The controls were simple and responsive. Oh, and if you have a small standard def might want to leave this one alone. The players were a little smaller than they should have least IMHO.

There was a lot of detail in this game, and it was done very well and it is one of the most surprisingly INTENSE sports games I've played thus far, I just sucked at it. It almost resulted in a broken controller until I thought to myself "Yeah, not on this game bro....not on this game.

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posted by chargersjr (IMPERIAL BEACH, CA) Jul 15, 2008

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