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Its not supposed to be Oblivion.

posted by Playto (SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA) Aug 26, 2007

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As other people have already said, this game has a difficult learning curve.

It takes a while to get the hang of things. The problem I think everyone has is that they have been pampered with a sit-and-go game like Oblivion which is without a doubt an easy game to get into.

I have probably only clocked in 20 hours or so into this game and I am hooked to it. All the side quests, the huge landscape, and the almost endless options.

However, this game has many drawbacks to it as well. Such as the sub-par graphics which do not live up to the next-gen ability. There are more bugs in it than I can count. From impossible to steer horses, to graphical glitches. I have not encountered to many bugs myself, but I am well aware of all the unfortunate things that have happened to other players.

People criticize that it is impossible to "get used to". Even I was put off by at when I fist began playing it, but now i love it. I like it more than oblivion even after spending probably 150+ hours playing Oblivion.

All the negative reviews here seem to boil down to buggy game play, and lacking combat. (Also people did not see that you can zoom in on your character when your creating him.) The buggy game play I can say nothing to defend, I agree it is truly discouraging. However the combat it just fine. Could have used a bit more gore but other than that it works well. I have no idea why people are having a hard time mastering it. Others complain that its just pressing one button. While that is true for up-close fighting, there is a wide range of spells and skills you can use to make fights more interesting.

Anyway, I am now realizing I cannot stop typing I will end with one request: Before you decide this game is utter garbage after playing for 10 minutes take the time to try out more things, explore more areas upgrade more gear and really get into the game.

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Not quite Oblivion, but it has multiplayer!

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) Aug 23, 2007

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Two Worlds improves upon the Oblivion formula in a lot of ways, but it lacks the polish of a big budget title. The graphics are pretty good, maybe better than Oblivion depending on your perspective. There seems to be more variations in the terrain (hills, mountains, forests, caves, deserts, etc.), with more swaying grass and trees, and weather effects like rain and fog. The lip-syncing is better than Oblivion, but the voice acting is in most cases pretty awful. The main character sounds like Space Ghost, and his acting is hit-and-miss. The only character so far that isn't horrible is Gandahar, the guy that kind of takes you through the main story quest. Of course, voice acting doesn't make or break a game considering videogames were built on plain text and bad voice acting. It's almost like a throwback to 1992.

Anyhow, gameplay-wise, the game shines. It plays sort of like an MMO like Everquest or World of Warcraft, except instead of just clicking your mouse on an enemy to attack them, you actually swing your weapons around like a third-person action game. All of the weapon types are motion captured, too, so the animation is great. The map shows the location of all your quests so it's easy to see where you need to go. It's a pretty big, expansive world, too. I don't know if it's larger or smaller than Oblivion, but it's pretty huge regardless. Weapon and armor types are pretty varied, and two of the same item can actually be combined to make a more powerful version. There's also an alchemy system that lets you mix minerals and plants to make all kinds of stuff. Magic also has a twist to it. It's basically a card system. You have to find or buy the spell card to get access to the spell in the first place, then you can alter your spells with "booster" cards like increasing the damage, decreasing the mana cost, etc. On top of it all, you can create a new character and play cooperatively with 8 people!!! It's no game of the year, but it's good fun.

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posted by Prometheus89 (TULSA, OK) Mar 1, 2011

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I rented this game in the hopes that I would actually enjoy it somewhat. I was deeply disappointed. Within 10 minutes I knew this game was horrible. I played for about 2 hours, got tired of it, and sent it back within 24 hours of receiving it. I would definitely not recommend this game to anyone, unless you're they type of person who is willing to play a game that sends you to an re-spawn area close to where you died but an area with enemies that you're not ready for level-wise when you die. That happened to me at least 4 times in the 2 hours I played. The developers should have made it re-spawn you in a location that is fit for a character of your level. Also, the controls really bother me. Why would anyone make 'y' the jump button or 'a' the search/interact button? Jump should be 'a' specifically because most gamers are used to it being jump, and 'x' or 'y' should be the interact/search button for similar reasons. The fact that you have to press 'x' to take out your weapon before you can push the right trigger to attack is also annoying. In my opinion, if you press the attack button then your weapon should be taken out and you should attack. Anyways, enough ranting about the controls. Really, the developers made a terrible game, the graphical interface is horrible, and the voice acting is dreadful. I don't think there is one positive thing I can say about this game except that the name of the game sounds cool. Very misleading if you ask me. DON'T BUY, if interested just rent, though I suggest you don't waste your time with that either.

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