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Two Worlds

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Really Bad

Just... not good at all.

posted by Chumbar (TUCSON, AZ) Aug 25, 2007

Member since May 2007

Thank god I rented this from gamefly. Like another person said this is one of the most unfinished games ive ever played. The game lags like a mother even though the graphics suck more than anything. On the character customization I couldn't even see what my guy looked like on my 50 inch plasma so when the game starts up I see this guy who looks like a total fruit. The voice acting is dreadful and the dialog is laughable. When the game first starts I found myself laughing at all these extremely bad looking people with bad voices and bad looking graphics and bad dialog. This game is extremely hard to I started playing on easy just to see how things worked and this tiny little boar beats the crapstock outta me even though im swinging my sword like crazy. O yea combat sucks too, its only third person. The ONLY good thing about this game is the music which is actually pretty good. Other than that the graphics, gameplay, story, dialog, acting, multiplayer, customization all suck. O and to close when you open up the menu system to look through your inventory and maps and such YOU CANT EVEN SEE just like in character customization your guy is sooo tiny you cant see his eyes. So when im looking at my skills Im just like what the crapaloo is that. anyways dont buy, dont rent, get a better game, this one sucks.

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Two Worlds, no Oblivion

posted by GonjaHead (JACKSON, NJ) Aug 25, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

I never was one for RPGs but i tried Oblivion and more than 230 hours of my life was sucked in. The first thing i notice about two worlds is the graphics, they stink. it has all the stuff most people like about rpg and then some but i couldnt get past the awful acting , and poor graphics.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by andy83 (UNIVERSITY PLACE, WA) Aug 25, 2007

Member since Feb 2004

basically this tries to revamp oblivion without giving the game enough time in development to play as smoothly and have as high of production values as were found in oblivion. I do consider it a good attempt. The battle system takes some getting used to, especially when faving multiple enemies. What really makes this game a buy is the real focus and detail that went into the inventory and magic system, quite possibly the best possible configuration for a game that only lets you fight in third person. From what I can see there is a vast array of magic spells that can be learned and eventually mastered. navigating the map and equipment screens seemed harder to adapt to then oblivion but once you get a feel for it, it becomes a fun challenge in itself. Keep in mind that this is the kind of game your going to need your head to survive in.

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