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Game needs to be recalled

posted by P05TF03TU5 (NEWBURY PARK, CA) Aug 24, 2007

Member since Feb 2005

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And people thought Advent Rising was unfinished

Seriously, this is the most unfinished game I have ever played. The frame rate and pop-in are so incredibly bad that's it's practically impossible to play the game, which isn't saying much because from the few hours I've put into it there isn't much to compel you to play.

Character models are awful for next gen (blocky and lack detail)
Bad voice acting (feels like the game staff did all the voices and motion capturing)
Framerate stutters non-stop plus constant load points and freezes
Pop-in within 2 feet of you, objects change proportion and detail instantly
Main character moves like he crapped himself (absolutely painful going up hills or swimming)
The right trigger does all your attacks (no button combos)
Enviroments lack variety and offer nothing new to this genre (the forest is ugly and empty compared to "Oblivion"
The menu's and text are incredibly small and not intuitive.

The towns and villages look kinda okay

This game needs to be recalled or receive a huge patch immediately!
Otherwise, I hope this game fails because the developers should be ashamed especially after all hype they've been making about it being a "Oblivion Killer."

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GF Rating

Very Good

If you can keep an open mind you'll be surprised

posted by GolfCrazy (GRAY, ME) Sep 4, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

12 out of 16 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

When you read all of the user reviews for Two Worlds you become an instant Believer. When I read them I was the same way. So when I got Two Worlds in the mail, I pushed away all of my predictions and unfair comparisons, and I found that i was playing a great game. People will tell you that it is a cheap knock-off of Oblivion, and although it has a lot in common with Oblivion by no means is it a knock-off. It takes all of what is good about Oblivion and fixes everything that was wrong. Examples of some great improvements are, multiplayer (which works great), horseback fighting, simple potion brewing system, varied enemies and so many weapons.
I don't want you to think that I am just giving you the good parts so here comes the bad stuff. First of all the main characters voice acting sounds like the guy who does the deep voice in movie previews. The inventory is a little odd and sometimes annoying, but most of all and by far the worst part of the game is no lock on system. This also means no blocking, instead you have to juke out of the way attacks which it very difficult to avoid damage.
So if your looking for a fun rpg and your willing to look past the faults you'll find that Two worlds is well worth your time.

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GF Rating

Very Good

An excellent game for true RPG fans.

posted by GameFool (DULUTH, MN) Jan 20, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

As a sandbox RPG fanatic, I was looking for something to fill the void after winning Oblivion for the 10th time, and found Two Worlds.

I loved it and I can’t believe it received so many terrible reviews. The graphics are lower quality and the engine is indeed choppy, while the animated sequences are very poor, but the game as a whole is great. (Referring to the newest edition, newest patch) If you love the sandbox RPG and want to roam the country side with no goal or objective, you’ll love Two Worlds. I was hooked off the start and spent 100+ hours on this game, loving every minute of it.

The battles and monster types were fun while the equipment/armor/weapons were exactly what I want in an RPG. Then, alchemy and upgrading your character and weapons proved to be one of the best I’ve found in video games. The completely open-ended gameplay, the character development, the weapon selection, the magic use, and the never ended world of monsters with unique caves, quests and towns pulled me so deep into the game that I forgot I was looking at choppy low-level graphics.

When I’m bored and have no new games, I still throw in Two Worlds, because it delivers that open RPG experience that I want. Well done. I can’t wait for the second one.

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