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GF Rating

Really Bad

Sequel to a cheap knock off

posted by lamefly (LOS GATOS, CA) Mar 7, 2011

Member since May 2010

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Two Worlds II is... junk (Gamefly is a female dog about language on here so that's the worst you'll get out of me). Compared to the first steaming pile of excrement, though, it's not bad. It's at least playable. The first installment made it back to the Hollywood Video the day after I rented it. This one... lasted a little longer. I guess I'm bored, or I'm tired of Gamefly getting something for nothing with my money. You can play Two Worlds 2, but you probably won't like it unless you're high.

It's fun to play with the subtitles on and see how much the voice actors had to ad lib, unless they're doing it right and whoever was in charge of subtitles had a problem with fluent English... I don't know. This game is broken some of the time, you can get through pretty much everything with enough jumping and... yeah. Not much more to say. Rent if you're bored, purchase if you have too much money.

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GF Rating

Above Average

It is ALMOST a really good game...

posted by Grizzledog (GLEN BURNIE, MD) Feb 9, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

The story is ok, the graphics are ok... I even endured the choppy frame rates, grainy movement, the cinematics that look as though they were attempting to be run on an old 486 computer, the bad voice acting that got cut off at times, and the bad interface that just feels uncomfortable. Even with ALL that said, it was almost a good game! I loved and enjoyed Dragon Age, and this game is not quite to that level. The combat is frustrating and feels unnatural, the special moves and magic are kind of lame, but armor and weapon leveling is kind of cool. Two Worlds was a joke, Two Worlds 2 was a much better attempt, and I am sure if they make a third that it will be much better. It's a shame that with just a few well placed changes that this would be a solid RPG...

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GF Rating


Sucks early on, but you will be rewarded...

posted by KMA2k10 (RIVERSIDE, CA) Feb 8, 2011

Member since Jul 2010

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Im not going to lie, i let the negative reviews affect me, i was starting this expecting it to really suck, & low & behold the first few hours really do suck. It starts slow, buggy, clunky, ugly, & just a mess. But if you force yourself to stick with it (I had no other games so i had no choice) the games get atually very good. I had this as a followup to Mass Effect 2 so the compairson is unfair.

If you want an honest opinion & comparison.

This is a updated (graphically) version of Elder Scroll: Oblivion

Comparisons to Oblivion:

The Good:
-Better graphics
-More than 4 peoples voices
-more people to deal with
-Loot system better in some ways (breaking down equipment is fun)
-Loading times are almost non existant

The Bad:
-Complete & utter lack of direction, i spent the first 7+ hours just figuring out what was going on, quests dont really give you any direction. Ive spent lots of time trying to figure out what im supposed to do next because its kinda up to you to figure it out.
-The game graphics & avatars in the begginig looked horible but progrsivelly got better as the game went on, which is much like the game strangely enough
-The controls seem clunky & non responsive at times
-My biggest complaint there is no lock on feature for an emeny, you can keep swinging at air because an enemy has moved its quite anoying

The more i play this game the more i just think if i didnt know the bethesda formula so well i wouldnt be able to tell the difference between this & oblivion.

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