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two worlds

posted by v5981673 (SAINT ALBANS, NY) Feb 20, 2011

Member since Sep 2010

this was the most confusing game i ever played , and the graphics were bad

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Why underachievers don't succeed.

posted by Balance1016 (DENVILLE, NJ) Feb 16, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

This game was the first, in years, that got me hooked on the story line from the start. I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME. I play more video games then most people would consider safe or reasonable. That being said, I can't bring myself to play this game any more. After 8 or so hours of fiddling with controls, trying to decipher meanings and dealing with graphics that would've been impressive 10 years ago, I just can't bring myself to do it, and its a shame.

Combat is clunky, at best. Your character is about as responsive as a toddler trying to fight off a bear with a rattle. You'll get destroyed by simple enemies, that sometimes you can easily take down in two hits. Poor (terrible) control at is finest.

The graphics are poor. VERY poor, especially considering the commercials run. The game looks like a VERY scaled down version of that graphic capability.

The combat systems themselves are terrible. Equipment has traits listed on it, you're left to guess what they mean, or what your current rates of some protections are, I literally got a pen and paper out at one point to track everything. No descriptions in the game. Nonsense, this is basic stuff from the 90's that you need to get right in a game.

Ranged combat is a joke, your character will often stand around trying to figure out what you want him to do.

Spell casting is as simple as spam _____, sprint away, kite enemy, spam _____ some more. You'll never run out of mana, and nothing will ever touch you as long as you keep moving.

If you can deal with a terribly conceived game with a great story, this might be for you.

Otherwise, stay away.

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Really Bad

Huge Let down

posted by STEEMA (BROOKLYN, NY) Feb 15, 2011

Member since May 2009

I awaited the arrival of this game (originally slated for August/ Sept of last year) serously in need of a new RPG experience, I followed the game closely. Only to have it delayed in N.A. because of the developers afraid their game wouldnt sell well. Delaying this game would not have saved it unless they put more time into polishing it, this was not the case. Shame on the developers! Im going to keep this short as it is not worth a long winded review.
Two Worlds Two is long, really long, so long it gets boring and does not excite you for much more than a few moments after the opening sequence. Most of those thrills, save for maybe an hour of single player content can be attributed to the Multiplayer Campaign, which is WAY too short. It is made of 7 missions which can all be done alone (that actually extends the gameplay). The problem with gaming online is most hardcore players online are level 100+ (the game released last fall in EU) and those veteran players dont even play with those in double digit levels lower than 90's. So at low levels you are either going to get creamed of have a hard time finding a game.
This game could have been a lot better but the more you play the more you realize it will not deliver anything new or exciting passed the nice visuals in the intro & a few cool weapons.

Ah I almost forgot to include THE COMBAT SUCKS!

I had this rental since the week after it shipped and can safely say this game doesnt really deserve a rent if you enjoy other RPG's currently released. Those defending this waste of time must nit have much experience gaming or dont enjoy broad range of gaming experiences. There is much better available out there and coming soon.

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