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Two Worlds II


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posted by holysnake (BEAVERTON, OR) Feb 26, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

I heard a review about how this game looks like someone went shoplifting in the fantasy section at walmart for parts to make this game. im repeating that because its just too true. while Dar Pha ( the Orc assassin chic) is totaly hot, im finding little other reason to actualy play the game. the controls are best described as clunky, which makes the combat barely tolerable. melee combat just sucks, so i tired playing as a mage, unfortunatley you go through mana so fast i actualy have to turn and run away from any groups of enemies of more than 2 to let mana regen. spells all look the same, just a simple ball of light, only difference between fire/frost/wind is the color of the ball of light. same spell. graphics arent bad, however when i run FR goes way down, and ive fallen off bridges quite a few times cause i tired sprinting across them then had nasty FR. I have too many dislikes about this game. ive decided after about 4 hours of half hearted gameplay that im not going to even bother with this game.

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Very Good

Two Worlds II

posted by XxTH3N3RDXx (TUCUMCARI, NM) Feb 25, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

after playing the first game you think there is no hope for a sequal.....but after playing this game it has given me hope that this title will just keep geting better they saved two worlds with this game the only draw back is that online play is geting old and fast it is almost impossible to play team deathmatch because the lvs of ppl are so diff but they make up for this in online co op mission the only down side it gets old quick there is no free roam like in the story mode so in other words its a ok game to buy and even better to rent

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Two Worlds II

posted by gamewizone (LEOLA, PA) Feb 23, 2011

Member since Feb 2009

If you can't get enough WOW this is for you, otherwise don't bother. Glitchy and overall weak game.

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