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posted by 8byte (CABOT, AR) Mar 15, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

This game looked at first like it had tons of potential, the first cut scenes and all were brilliantly made, then the game started, the blurry vision of turning the camera, to the interuptions of npcs to your character while trying to figure out what to do was just a downer, the outside enviroment is beautiful, yet the over all game play, was just not as someone mightof hoped

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Above Average

Well this doesn't beat dragon age 2

posted by GamerAlexander (CHESAPEAKE, VA) Mar 5, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

I rented two worlds 2 and ill have to say its kinda fun but it could be a lot better. The storyline is fun and all but it is very easy to lose track. I do like how you can upgrade equipment and all that but i think that this game would be AMAZING if there was at least 1 person playing online when i went on there i was like well.....where is everybody then i tried to play alone online but i ran into a bunch of enemy's (that only multiple people could handle). So basically i recommended that if you are going to rent or buy this game make sure you have at least one friend to play with online so that way you can actually have fun. OH and that reminds me if you have played two worlds 1 this game is a huge improvement no lag and no refresh problems but it gets boring.

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posted by holysnake (BOISE, ID) Feb 26, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

I heard a review about how this game looks like someone went shoplifting in the fantasy section at walmart for parts to make this game. im repeating that because its just too true. while Dar Pha ( the Orc assassin chic) is totaly hot, im finding little other reason to actualy play the game. the controls are best described as clunky, which makes the combat barely tolerable. melee combat just sucks, so i tired playing as a mage, unfortunatley you go through mana so fast i actualy have to turn and run away from any groups of enemies of more than 2 to let mana regen. spells all look the same, just a simple ball of light, only difference between fire/frost/wind is the color of the ball of light. same spell. graphics arent bad, however when i run FR goes way down, and ive fallen off bridges quite a few times cause i tired sprinting across them then had nasty FR. I have too many dislikes about this game. ive decided after about 4 hours of half hearted gameplay that im not going to even bother with this game.

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