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True RPG fans will enjoy

posted by cruddy (FREDONIA, NY) Mar 24, 2011

Member since Aug 2005

If you are a fan of true in-dept rpg's , I'm talking dungeons and dragons style , Baldur's gate , Elder scrolls and Ever quest. In fact it reminds me a lot of ever quest for the pc(a single player version). The crafting and alchemy is very very in depth . Another feature I loved is putting your own spells together from different element cards and carrier cards. For example say Lighting + missile = lighting bolt. Now that's just a simple one a beginner spell one out of hundreds of combos. Later you can make spells that conjure meteor showers or summon undead soldiers to fight by your side. The game is complex its not like dragons age or mass effect. I would say this is an RPG for a more intermediate player. The graphics are the only thing lacking in this game. I would agree the voice acting isnt top notch on some spots but at least all conversations are spoken as well as subtitled. I'm an avid reader but when im gaming I dont like being forced to read tons of conversations, in two worlds 2 you dont have to worry about that.

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Could have been better... or

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Mar 24, 2011

Member since May 2010

Two Worlds 2 tries to improve on its formula, but it misses the mark in a few areas, though.. Still, it is worth a rent, and in the end i found myself breaking down to buy it.. There IS one glaring fault about this game that the first one got right and that was the "hybrid" fighting styles, meaning that in the first game you could be a arcane acher, or a spell sword, or even a paladin type character, but in this game sword users can't use magic and magic users can't use swords! Graphics seem a bit better, but.. The back drop of the story seems like the people who made the first game didn't even play the first one, much less, had a hand in making it.. The deities and their domains seem a little bit scrambled( maleel the original air deity is now in charge of earth, and the shrine no longer revives you. Throglin earth deity is now, supposedly the lord of darkness??? The insanity doesn't seem to stop for the back drop either as the game has trouble trying to determine if the water deity Yatholen is male or fermale!)
The fluke of the town names pronounced wrong has spread to include kyra's name as well! Story telling has always been two worlds weakness, and making the game MORE story driven if only a little bit may not have been the smartest of moves! I know, at least they tried! Still, I DO miss being able to fight the way i wanted to... by mixing and matching styles, but it is forgivable...... for now.

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posted by Artyyy (FEEDING HILLS, MA) Mar 23, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

I absolutely love this game as to how much work went into creating and developing it... maby its not #1 at graphics and quality... But it is definitely amazing game. I'm a detailed player and suck out of the game as much as i can.. basically discover every single place on the map and try out almost all the combinations.. and i can tell you that campaign in this game is Long... at least 50 hours of game play which is amazing... and if you like me and desisde to do all the side quests.. you can play this game for weeks(more than 100 hours) and have a blast... the game pulled me in, along with its characters and cities and history. especially with its books and people and side quests...To enjoy this game to the most, what helped me is to forget about "beating the game" and forget about "just get to the final boss"... just take your time and pick your pace and go with the senario... i absolutely loved the humor and attitudes put in, into all the conversations between quest and random characters.. the challenge for me was to do everything succesfully and right the first time without having to load the saved data... the bosses and main quests are not even that hard.. the side quests on the other hand, take a lot of time and patience - which i like because it game me more fun to stay in the game without doing the same thing over and over... i liked all the different aspects to the game and how deeply the been worked through such as: books,alchemy,magic cards, labyrinths, guild quests, thievery and lock picking, horse racing, sea sailing, metallurgy, archery and traps and bombs, assassinating, different skills and abilities, and instrument playing... just amazing ... thank you so much... i have been waiting for a game like this on ps3

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