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Two worlds boo

posted by bigbadbear (BESSEMER, AL) Mar 1, 2011

Member since Aug 2007

Well this game is ina feild like Zelda. You know the basic repeatedly hit a button to fight same with spells. Now you do have a binary option to add cool stuff or purchase on line but come on this platform is older than i am. The graphics are absolutly amazing from the very start. I mean i have a big screen 67 inch with 180i and out and this thing is great but only on graphics. The rest of the game truly suffers from lack of well plain old hard work on gamming tactics. They should have spent about a 70/30 on graphics and gamming experince. They spent 5 percent. The whole thing was a lateral move from the first game there was absolutly no step up except for the graphics. Now if the game had played anything and i mean anything like the intro this would have been an absolutly amazing game. I mean the only reason i could see to stick to a dead platform is to snag old school gamers who have yet to evolve to the 21 st century and are still hung on Atari. This got a sscrapping by 2 out of 10 from me due to well just plain lazy put togetjer and no forethought into the next evolutionary later for platforms. For heavens sake they can make a whole movie with no actors just voices and yet they couldn't produce a game with a better playing experience than Zelda. I may be Mass Effect 2 and Dead space 2 spoiled but please these would even make the intro. Try again only worth renting.

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Two Worlds 2

posted by Busto (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Feb 28, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

Two worlds 2 is too buggy atleast 3 quest didnt work and 1 was a main quest so my game ended at chapter 2 atleast thats when i just gave up.

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Seriously? This many high reviews?

posted by Lockindal (EAST LIVERPOOL, OH) Feb 27, 2011

Member since Apr 2009

I usually rate RPGs pretty high, and I have a pretty high tolerance. This game is just bad, though.

The combat feels clunky. It does have a limited combo system; press x to slash, then a to do a slash that makes you do a backstep. X again, and you'll slash into the dude; press A and again you'll do a backstep slash, but from a different angle. However, this does not always work, because sometimes your initial X attack (or the second one) will be this HORRIBLY SLOW overhead slash (that does not do extra damage). Also, sometimes you don't need to combo, because sometimes pressing the X button over and over will let you do this rediculously fast "chop" attack. All of this seemed completely random, with no pattern that I could figure out. Blocking is OK, if it worked more than half the time. Reason being, the brilliant game makers decided to make LT run, block, and sneak. So you can't run up to someone and block immediately. You have to stand still like a moron, and then hope your character doesn't decide to try to sneak.
The magic system is good and interesting, but that's about it.

The multiplayer is HORRIBLE, which is the only reason I bought this game. 7 extremely big, but very dull and unchanging, chapters, non-existant plot, little-to-no-challenge, and extremely repetitive. Village mode is fun, but it doesn't change. It doesn't evolve. So once you're done building your village... there is nothing left. Sure, grind for hours in the same 7 chapters and open the chests infinitely in village mode (uncontested) for phat l00t - but what is the point if the multiplayer is so bad and unfun? I didn't even try PVP, so this review does not include that (I don't want to waste many hundreds of hours of my life trying to get a character that would be able to play it, thanks). Looked like the options for pvp were pretty neat, but, just couldn't keep handle of this game long enough.

The single player campaign isn't bad if you can get around the horrible combat system, though.

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