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posted by zackyflames (FALCONER, NY) Mar 14, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

i would have to say i played two worlds 1 and i enjoyed it quite much. i thought it to be a pretty okay game. as for two worlds 2 i found it incredibly dissapointing. it starts off with amazing graphics amazing introduction and then after that it just started rolling down hill after you are to set off alone.

i was lost manny manny time had no clue where to go, couldnt understand it much, the combat hasmt really changed, but it got very boring after a while. overall i was very dissapointed. graphics was amazing, introduction was great, character customazation wasnt the worst but didnt have much to it. If you liked risen very much you will probably like this. if u liked two worlds 1 alot u might like this, but i rented the game and wanted to take it back the very same day

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Really Bad

Two Worlds 2 would of been better as Xbox Original

posted by WhiteKnight019 (COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VA) Mar 7, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

Two Worlds II was supposedly going to be a lot better than the first one. However, very little has really change. For starters the voice acting still needs a lot of work. Half the time you really don't know what's going on unless your listening really well and the back story for the first game shows up just a little. Next, the graphics are still just as bad as the first. Two Worlds II would of been better as an Xbox Original title if it was release earlier. Seeing as graphics on games like Elder Scrolls Oblivion are way better and the game has been out a lot longer. The only good thing is the interface is slightly better and is easily used... at times.

In closing, Two Worlds II isn't worth the buy unless you like games that look like they would of been on the original xbox. The only way the developer could turn this game around is totally rebuilding the game from the ground up using programmers and artists from other games for help.

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This game had a lot of potential.

posted by Will717 (ORANGEVALE, CA) Mar 5, 2011

Member since Feb 2009

I went into this game without playing its predecessor but I heard the first two worlds was a disaster. The hype for this game was annoying at best; I don't remember a day without seeing comments like "OMG TWO WORLDS TOO!" I'm just going to point out some things that come to mind about my experience playing two worlds.

Story: There's essentially no story, and it doesn't feel like your doing anything to impact the story on your quest. The plot twist which the average person would suspect while playing through the game was boring. The "end" of the game was a total cliffhanger and it didn't feel like the adventure was finished.

Voice-acting: My first play through the game I made myself listen to the mediocre voice-acting, while some of the characters were alright others were absolutely dreadful. To add on top of that the conversations are incredibly long and dull; I found myself skipping through them about halfway through the game.

Graphics: I don't really have an eye for graphics but overall the game looks very nice. The character models however were the most disappointing part of the graphics, they didn't feel finished.

Pointless One Hour Tutorial: Don't get me started...

Combat: I played through the game the first time as a dual-wielding warrior type player, the combat was incredibly repetitive (medium difficultly) without any challenge. I suspect Archery would be just as repetitive. The magic was incredibly overpowered, I crushed virtually everything my second play through (hard difficulty.)

The Main Island: Is a joke. There's absolutely nothing there aside from the swamp, castle, and occasional cluster of monsters. I was incredibly disappointed after finally exploring it all because it seemed like it wasn't entirely finished (roads leading into cliff sides, abandoned towns.)

Two Worlds Two was a big let down, I hope you didnt get suckered into buying it, I would only recommend renting this if your a hardcore RPG fan. I gave it a five, thats being generous.

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