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posted by Arshus1 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Mar 12, 2012

Member since Apr 2010

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So I just received a xbox 360, and I heard of this title a long time ago. This is the first 360 game I actually wanted to play. That being said so much potential here. With skyrim out now I know this review is late however, I felt compelled to say my peace here. First off I dont know if I need an HD TV just to get the format correct but, the game does not fit any of my 3 tvs. i played with the format on the the 360 and the tvs but I could not fix the problem. The HUD wouldnt allow me to read any item description, over half the map was missing, and lastly any information given is on the side of the screen where its missing. The game boasts being huge, its not. Its 1/4th the size of skyrim. Not glitchy, some load screens to catch up on some minor lag. I believe thats the worst there was to the game. I loved the music, the landscape is breath taking, and the fighting system is ok. Stealth kills are always fun to watch, spell system is unique and fun to toy with, I like being able to craft anywhere at any time, its as if I could pull some things from skyrim and place it in amalloor it would be the best coupling ever. With the ever present glitch issues found all over the dominate skyrim, this is a very good substitute. The game is slow goin but as soon as your out there its most rewarding. I would have given a higher score but I believe the title is broken. Then again I dont have an HD tv to see if I could cure the format issue. Thats all I have for this review on a solid rpg title. As always thanks for your time and game on.

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Very Good

Not quite a diamond in the rough, but close

posted by KrispyD (YORK, PA) Jan 28, 2011

Member since Apr 2006

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Two Worlds 2 is a fun game, but it certainly has more than its share of rough edges.

The voice acting is bad. Not as bad as some games over the years, but these days gamers expect more from an RPG. Bioware and Bethesda have spoiled us rotten. The more harcore RPG players out there will probably hardly notice as horrible voice acting is probably still more of the norm for games than not, but if the only RPGs you play are AAA titles, than yeah, it'll bother you.

The graphics, while a huge improvement over the original game are still not up to the standards of what gamers these days expect. It certainly does some things quite well, but there are some weird pop-ins and the like. The animations, especially during dialog are really bad. There seems to be only four bodily emotes the main character for dialog scenes, so he just keeps doing those same ones over and over.

The multiplayer has a lot of potential, as long as it can avoid the duping problems and the like that pretty much destroyed the enjoyment of the original. The most innovative aspect seems to be the building and maintaining of your own village, but that can take some time to even start up since you have to have starting capital to even go into that option on the multiplayer screen.

As far as the complaints about not being able to see the ui, there is a setting for that under graphics that says something about having the UI in the "safe zone," which will move all your ui things away from the edges of the screen. I think it's important that people realize that as a lot of reviews have taken points away for that and it's easily fixable. You just have to take the time to look through the options screen, but I know that's almost as hard as reading through a manual or watching a tutorial.

Anyway, if you liked the original at all, you're a more old school/hardcore RPG fan, or you just aren't too worried about every game you play having a triple A budget behind it, than Two Worlds 2 can be a lot of fun.

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posted by Bizzybeast (VINELAND, NJ) Jan 31, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

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Most of the reviews of this game start with "I hated the first one" "The first one held my wife down and had its way with her" "The first game was behind 911". Its almost embarrassing that so many people dont really properly review THIS GAME.

ANYWAY, I gave this game a 9, mostly to help balance it out. Its honestly a solid 7.5! Its a very entertaining game, both single player and multiplayer.

The melee combat is a little choppy and repetitive, but is saved by class-free equipment setups (3 preset equipment layout) and the archery an magic in the game is delightfully entertaining. You build your magic through a series of 'magic craft' cards, combining different types for different effects. Eventually youll make spells like a lightening bolt, that on contact rains debris (crates, anvils, mace heads, ect) down on a foe, and summons a large wasp.

Alchemy is great too, there are several dozen ingredients to pick up (or loot) and combining them results in near endless combinations of results.

Items can be upgraded (including dyed and enchanted) or broken down for their base materials. This makes for a fun mini-game, aside for armor (fabric) which seems difficult to obtain as armor rarely drops. But its not really that big of a deal.

Multiplayer also has a VILLAGE mode, where you build and manage a village. Its addictively fun and complexe. It even carries over to (and from- like selling equipment in your village, gives more profit as your villagers buy and use it) normal multiplayer, so its a great way to make money.

Overall this game is 100% worth a rent and I think most of the people that hate on it.. Are just being kinda tedious and dumb. As if the first 2worlds was their weird uncle who made them sit on its lap when they were little. Get over it and stop hating on a good game.

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