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A True Review for an overall Good Game

posted by BmwFreak (HACKETT, AR) Feb 6, 2008

Member since Jan 2007

65 out of 78 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

Why is everyone complaining? This is a solid 8.5 game that has no problems with gameplay, visuals, or sound at all. The Graphics are excellent, the sound sets the mood better than most any other game created, and the game plays smooth and fluid.

I personally love the button control scheme. What is so wrong with a company saying, "Hey, every FPS in the market uses R1 and L1 for the trigger, but why can't we use R2 and L2 instead?" The only difference between Turok's buttons and CoD is the trigger button. If you can't play Turok because R2 and L2 are the trigger then your not a true gamer anyways. Adapt. Turok is a different game than CoD and so should be its control scheme.

As far as I'm concerned Turok is more original than CoD. CoD is a Standard Warfare game that has you follow a specific route, run here, shoot everybody that runs out, then run there, and repeat cycle. I've never played a single FPS creature/monster game that has the creatures attack both you and the enemy soldiers, its completely original. There is so much more to this game than just run through the level and kill everybody single handed and then advance to the next level. If you find that your heavily outnumbered shoot a flare into an enemy group, then sit back and watch a Raptor tear them to pieces. Then run in and dispatch of the remaining Dinos or Soldiers. This is a Stealth game with James Bond Action areas.

Another thing I seem to see gamers complain about is the long checkpoint times. Quit Complaining. I'm tired of playing a game that saves every two minutes like CoD for example. If I died in CoD no big deal cause I would restart at the exact area I died. Where's the reason to stay alive in a game if I know I'll just restart from where I died? In Turok your pushed to become a better player or suffer the punishment by having to replay the last 10 minutes of insane action. I love it! If you don't want to restart then don't die.

This is a must play that is unlike any other title.

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GF Rating


Good game

posted by xander1972 (FAIRBORN, OH) Mar 4, 2009

Member since Jan 2006

17 out of 20 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

Whenever I asked someone if they had played Turok, the answer usually sounded something like "The new one? or the good one on N64?" That discouraged me for quite awhile from trying this game. Then I decided, what the heck, put it in the Q and lets see what happens.
From the very first set of cut scenes, before any gameplay, there was one thing that made me say, "This game shows some promise." Two words - Ron Perlman. NICE!! I LOVE THAT GUY!! There are few that do better sarcastic humor than Ron. If you don't know who he is, (HOW? WHY?) it's Hellboy, or for you older folks, Beast from the old Beauty and the Beast TV series.
Anyway, once you get into the game, the storyline itself is pretty cool, and the gameplay is pretty much like every other shooter on the market. Of course being Turok, there had to be lots of dinos, and I must say, overall they were done pretty well. It would have been nice to see a few more non-lethal ones though, maybe a Triceratops or Stegosaurus in there somewhere, but I guess we can't have it all. Of course there are evil humans trying to get you as well, who bare a striking resemblance to Helghast from Killzone might I add.
Overall, the graphics are pretty darn good the AI of the humans is better than I've seen in a lot of nextgen shooters, the dino AI however, not quite as good, you can kill pretty much every raptor with your knife if you time it right.
Overall though, I really enjoyed Turok, and by the way, the cast doesn't end with Perlman, Timothy Olyphant, Powers Booth, and lil Donnie Wahlberg join in the fun too. Not too shabby.
So don't listen to your friends, give it a rent. You won't regret it. Wow that was a long review.

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Good graphics...good story...but just not the same

posted by Vertisce (TOOELE, UT) Feb 11, 2008

Member since Jul 2006

7 out of 9 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

I remember playing Turok on the N64 with my buddies back in the day. The weapons were awesome and the dinosaurs as enemies were loads of fun to kill. The new Turok...just doesn't have what the old one used to. The controls are fine and the story is actually pretty decent but it lacks in originality. While the graphics look great they also look a little off...too much shine and glare to everything. The AI is not all that great...seems like you can get just about any enemy to run in circles. The weapons are pretty standard. Nothing new with weapons at all. Sure you got your bow, your knife, shotty...and so on, but that's it. Nothing new...nothing unique...nothing all that fun. I would say this game is at least worth a rent but it just doesn't live up to the standard of its predecessors.

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