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Turok is a decent shooter but falls short of many

posted by Jake21672 (ARLINGTON, VA) Feb 11, 2008

Member since Jan 2006

Turok is a decent shooter but falls short of many of last years best (COD4, Gears of War, HALO 3) for several reasons.

My main complaint is that although you have a ton of cool weapons to choose from, they lack any true firepower. You would think that with a few of the higher quality weapons, a few shots should bring the enemy down. But you have to repeatedly shoot the targets before they will go down. It also seems that you take damage alot quicker than the enemy.

My second complaint is that there is no ability to run in the game! Running comes in handy when being chased by dinosaurs:)

Thirdly, the game alternates between a good challenge to being extremely difficult. Not a huge deal but kind of bites when you have to start from your last checkpoint every time you get killed.

Fourthly, the game is very dark and hard to see in certain places. It gets pretty annoying at times

Then game is decent enough to play while waiting on a few of the more antic apt ed titles. It is just a shame that with a few minor tweaks, this game would of been a great way to begin the 2008 season!

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pretty good game!!

posted by lsanger229 (MIRAMAR, FL) Feb 11, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

the campaign was short (took me 8 hrs.)but extreamly fun,i liked the variety of human and dino enemy' play is addicting and a nice break from halo type shooters.overall a great game thats definitely worth a rent.

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Almost too hard

posted by huskerman (RUSSELLVILLE, AR) Feb 11, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

Talk about difficult! I started playing on the "normal" setting and within two hours I was ready to throw my controller. Honestly, the easiest setting in this game is like playing heroic on Halo 3. Not legendary, heroic. This wouldn't be so bad except that the checkpoints can seem hours apart at times and they are always the hardest just before you reach the next one. Basically, if you are really good at first person shooters you will like this game. But if your like me and you have trouble making it through halo on Normal this game may be too difficult to find any pleasure in.
Additionally, there is nothing really new to find in this title as far as first person shooters go. You get a basic arsenal that includes SMGs, pistols, shotguns and the like. The only thing that is kind of unique is the knife kills which can be very useful against the dinosaurs that take 10-12 rounds from the smg to take down. Knife kills are always one hit kills.
So why the high rating? Because structurally the game is very sound. Good graphics. Good controls. Good gameplay. Just a little to hard for me to really enjoy.

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