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Above Average

They think Hard is too easy.

posted by Weeble (TACOMA, WA) Apr 3, 2008

Member since Aug 2005

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This edition of the Turok series is by far the best looking, and most intense. Every detail has been given loving attention and it shows all over the world Turok is forced to try and stay alive. trapped on an alien world inhabited by various Jurassic creatures Turok must cope with not only Dinos', enemy soldiers and a hostile environment, but also his own fellow team. Turok is viewed as a traitor by his fellow crew mates and it seems that he is in relatively constant danger of being shot in the back. This aspect of the game adds some intriguing back story and depth but not a ton worth calling this a great story.

Enemies are often incredibly difficult to shoot down, and the aiming system although customizable is painfully spastic and hard to control for a clean shot. Often even on the Normal difficulty the game presents extreme challenges that really end up being so aggravating that the game loses its fun appeal and turns in to an angry venture in frustration. Some choke points are worth overcoming, but as the game progresses that very challenge which many will enjoy becomes too much worth continuing.
Enemies seem able to often just dance between chain gun bullets unscathed and when you can see without any doubt that you pulled off a clean dead on shot they just continue attacking you as if they had never been touched. At one point I was fighting some flying acid spitting bugs, shooting them point blank and yet they just keep flying and attacking in an endlessly spawning barrage of impossibility. That is just stupid, and not fun.

Turok is a beautiful game worth the rental if you have amazing patience and jedi reflexes, otherwise forget this horribly frustrating shooter.

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posted by Hornet65 (KATONAH, NY) Feb 7, 2008

Member since Apr 2006

24 out of 28 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

Turok, Created by Touchstone, was created with the original Turoks in mind. When I got this game, I was hoping for a great experience, I was hoping for the cerebral bore. I'll have you all know, that there is no Cerebral Bore.
Stylistically, the graphics are amazing, the environments are great. Turok is Native American in heritage so they didn't screw that up. The storyline isn't perfect, but it's quite interesting.
Turok has a simple control scheme, and a not too steep learning curve. Though it does take a little bit of time to get used to the controls, and the look sensitivity is defaulted way too high. The AI varies at times. The enemies are smart though, they take cover, move around, and are accurate. But other times, they don't do much more than run around. One huge pain about the game is that the easiest difficulty is normal, and it's way far from normal. I died constantly numerous times from getting knocked down and not being able to get back up. And if you don't hit a checkpoint you go back to the last one you hit, which could be 3 seconds back, or 10 minutes back.
I can't honestly say that this game has much replayability to it, I would never play the single player again because of the difficulty. I couldn't try the multiplayer because there was nobody on to play with so there's nothing there for me.
All in all, if you like FPSs with just pointless amounts of shooting, you'll probably like this game. It has some stealth aspects to it (sneaking around is optional.) I wouldn't recommend it to someone as a game to buy, maybe rent and check it out, but not buy, it's just not that good of a game, so I can only give it a 7 out of 10

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Above Average

Good single player, on-line play is nothing new

posted by ZackyCakes (RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA) Feb 1, 2008

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If you like first person shooters, this is a game you have to try. The graphics aren't bad, but Gears, Halo 3 and COD4 raised the bar. I expected more out of this.

Plays a lot like the N64 version of the game, only bigger and better. I like the changes in the story and the voice acting is pretty good. I liked the single player campaign, but nothing really stood out as great. It was too short and I don't have a reason to play it again.

The multiplayer seems to have problems, hopefully there'll be a patch soon. I could get a match and play all the way through with out problems only twice. I tried a few different times all night.

I'd recommend this to fans of Turok, the shooter genre, or kids who like to see blood and hear swear words. Stay a way if you're tired of any of these things.

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