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Where it All Started

posted by MADDOG7 (PORTALES, NM) Feb 4, 2007

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Back in 2002, when Evolution came out, I think that fans were expecting a lot more. It just didn't live up to its' hype. Though the gameplay was fairly competent, there were a number of errors that just made the game feel incomplete.
Evolution is a prequel to the Turok series and the story revolves around how the lineage of Turok started. In Evolution, you play as Tal'Set, a Saquin Indian warrior who's tribe is ambushed by the corrupt and blood thirsty Captain Bruckner and his army of Indian hunters. During the battle, Bruckner and Tal'Set fall off a cliff and a portal catches them and takes them to the Lost Land, a place where humans are no longer on top of the food chain. When Tal'Set is brought back from the brink of death with the aid of some of the lands' more friendly locals, Tal'Set sets out on a journey to avenge his people.
For most of the game's single player game, you'll be playing in a first person mode. You'll progress from the beginning of a level to the end while engaging in firefights with slegs (the main enemies of the game, humanoid dinosaur hybrids carrying guns) or sometimes fighting off dinosaur attacks. While the shooting is fun, the death sequences are bloody and satisfying, and the very unique and impressive arsenal, the aiming is very difficult, even with the auto aim turned on.
There are also flight levels in the game. These levels would normally be a nice break from the ground levels. Unfortunately, the controls are difficult, and crashing into an obstacle during flight usually means instant death.
And this brings me to what is probably the games' biggest problem. If you die, you have to start the level all over again. A checkpoint system would have easily solved this problem.
On a positive note, the shooting is fun and the graphics are pretty good. The dinosaur animations and jungle environments are especially well done.
Overall, if you don't let your expectations run too high, you'll find a solid and entertaining shooter.

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very cool

posted by nnnnnn (Huntington Beach, CA) Nov 28, 2009

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i was receivied turok evolution on xbox. i only got to play it once' i only got to play it once because it wouldent load i did like the game when i played it and i know it wasent my xbox i got it brand new and referbished. i just wanted to inform you about it.

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I can shoot dinosaurs with my laser gun!

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Oct 27, 2009

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I've played so many shooters at this point that my trigger finger is no longer itchy. However, I still enjoy some good bullet-spewing action. Turok: Evolution delivers a little twist to the typical FPS but falls far behind it's contemporaries.
The story makes no sense. You play a Native American who falls off a cliff, through a dimensional rift and into the Lost Land where dinosaurs still roam the primeval jungles. The few humans are under constant attack by a humanoid lizard race called the Sleg and these are your main enemies in the game. True, you'll have to take out a raptor or T-rex occasionally, but the gun-toting Sleg will be in your sights the majority of the time.
You'll have plenty of weapons to take out these nasty critters. A scoped pistol, bow with explosive arrows, plasma cannon, black hole bombs and more are at your disposal. True, some of these seem out of place in context of the game, but who cares?
What I do care about are the rough graphics and difficult aiming. Mixed with an AI that is alternately deadly and stupid, the game feels questionable when the controller is in your hands. Levels are very linear and have very unclear objectives. Most of the time, you'll have inaccessible areas that you assume open... if only you knew how.
Then there are the flying levels. Your pterodactyl flier handles more like a boat than a fighter plane as you have a wide turning radius and virtually no control over your speed. Hitting rocks will kill you more than the enemy. It's around this time you'll want a level cheat code so you can get on with your life.
I know the game came out in 2002, but Halo had already been out for a year and proved to be a seminal title for shooter fans. Turok falls far behind it in so many ways that the novelty of it wears off quickly. A shooter with dinosaurs is a great idea, but it's poorly executed in this game.

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