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Turok: Evolution


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Also on:Xbox, PS2
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189 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Turok: Evolution
GamePlay: MULTIPLAYER MODES: Hunter: Score points by killing as the hunter. Kill the hunter to become one; Capture the Flag: Steal the other team's fire and return it to your base; Monkey Tag: He who holds the monkey longest, wins; Turok Fight: Warclubs and bows only; Warrior Rage: Making multiple kills without dying increases your power; Blood Bath: Players start with all weapons; Sniper Match: Sniper pistol and bows, only headshots count; Flight: Fight on the back of flying Quetzalcoatluses.

Control Stick Move
A Button Jump
B Button Previous Weapon
X Button Weapon Mode Change
Y Button Next Weapon
Z Button Zoom
L Button Duck
R Button Fire
C Stick Turn, Look Up/Down

Control Stick Left/Right = Turn, Up/Down = Dive/Climb
A Button Slow Down
B Button Bank Left
X Button Bank Right
Y Button Speed Up
Z Button Camera
L Button Rocket
R Button Machine Gun