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GF Rating


Kind of a Let Down

posted by MADDOG7 (PORTALES, NM) Dec 17, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

As a Turok fan, I'm sad to say that Evolution didn't live up to the hype. It was alright, but it wasn't as great as other games in the franchise.
The story is about a Saquin warrior named Tal'Set, who is also the protagonist in Dinosaur Hunter and a playable character in Rage Wars. He and his fellow tribe members are fleeing from an evil and sadistic army officer named Bruckner, when they are ambushed, and during the chaos that ensues, Tal'Set and Bruckner are transported to the Lost Land. After Tal'Set is found and is brought back from the brink of death by a sorcerer by the name of Tarkeen, Turok helps the village that found him fight the Sleg army and the Sleg leader, Tyrannus, who seek to conquer the Lost Land.
Unlike previous Turoks, there are mostly no keys to collect, you don't have a limited pool of lives, and the main objective is to just move from point A to point B killing anything that stands in your way, while occasionally collecting Tarkeen keys or pulling a lever or a switch to open a path into the next area. The graphics, for it's time are pretty good. The jungle environments are especially well done. There are a number of unique weapons to choose from, many of which have upgrades that can be found as you progress through the game. There is also, of course, the Tek crossbow. No Turok game is complete without the Tek crossbow. The game's story mode is divided into 15 chapters, each with anywhere from 1 to 6 levels. A problem with the game is that the load times are very long in the GC version and that when you die, you have to start the level all over again. Another problem is the flight levels, which are very frustrating sometimes. One last issue, there is a bug exclusively on the GC version that takes away some of your weapons when you progress to certain levels.
To sum it up, a big disappointment to the Turok fans. Hopefully the new Turok will return the Dinosaur Hunter to his former glory when it hits the shelves sometime in 2007.

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GF Rating


Better than Spy Hunter

posted by fery100 (SEMINOLE, TX) Jun 20, 2006

Member since Feb 2005

Ok this game was one of the first gaems to come out on the GC and when i played it i was surprised actually.

I was exspecting bad gameplay, bad graphics, bad sound. But i was surprised the gameply was solid with many difrent weapons to choose from and a good storyline. What botherd me the most was the flight levels, the concept is good but the controls wernt polished.

The graphics wernt exactly the best but were solid for a launch title and frankly i was surprised.


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