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Turok: Evolution


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Also on:Xbox, PS2
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Nuke In Single Play

Okay, first of all in Single Play u can get the Nuke in Chapter 8. After u have passed the whole levels, in last one called Arena is where the Nuke is. This place is very hard. You need lots of skill for this level, enemies pop out of nowhere but enough about that. After a long time of battle a boss will come out from a door, kinda like a T-Rex. Kill the boss with your Minigun if you have the neccesery ammo for it. After you have completly killed the T-Rex theres a Magnetic field that was blocking a tower in the middle of the area, the magnetic field will turn off and at the top of the Tower the Nuke Attatchment and some extra Nuke Ammo will be there. Get the Nuke Attatchment pick ur Rocket Launcher, Change Alt. Fire and let Her Rip! Only Thing that sucks is that u can only use the nuke 2 times only =( but its worth it =)

10 Ammo Nuke

Pretty easy if done correctly, so pay very close attention. =] Okay first of all this can be done in either 2 Players or 1 Player. After u have gotten the Nuke Attachment (1 Player ) or Nuke Ammo (2 Players ) waste ur Rockets on ur Rocker Launcher. Second, after uv wasted the Rockets pick the Swarmbore Alt. Fire. Third, u have to be fast here so listen. Change the Alt. Fire to your Nuke, right before its changing to the Nuke Alt. Fire, quickly press R+X and the Swarmbore Ammo will Mix with Nuke and you will get 10 Nukes! Pretty cool, Try it! =) Just dont waste ur Swarmbore Ammo or else u wont be able to do it. Remember this, how ever many Swarmbore Ammo u have is the total it will give u for ur Nuke =) Try its pretty Kool! =)