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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty


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Not worth the time!!!

posted by CNTRINSGNT (MANVILLE, NJ) Mar 3, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

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Ok like all my reviews I will give you the good and the bad, however with this game there is a new addition, "The REALLY Bad!"

For some reason I kept wanting to play it. I dont know why but for some reason the story intrigued me

The realism is quite good, Infact this is the most realistic shooter I have played in terms of weapon aiming and damage

Thats about it for the good!


The graphics are horrible! downright junk!
you will see so many white lines it makes you sick!

FRAGS!... These things are just plain silly, its the only weapon that is really off
they will kill you even if you are in the next room or about 30 feet away, its just bad!

IF an enemy falls on you, you are dead! could be a 3 foot drop on your head... you die!


Yes this game gets a REALLY BAD spot....

SAVING, OMG the saving sucks in this game
you will be playing the same thing about 15 times at least because you cant save the game checkpoints for you, however the checkpoints are so far from on another that you need to be flawless to make to the next point in one piece... you die and its back to square one

Yes this game comes with its own BLACK HOLES. I have found two so far... fall or jump in and you are stuck just spinning slowly in circles over and over... then you need to hit restart

They look like black squares in the ground about 6 feet by 6 feet

In conclusion I would highly suggest you avoid this game at all costs
Its really a hassle to play and it seems like the people who made the game have no real world exp making games

Its almost like a bunch of 1 year programmers made this game with all of the flaws in it

Its really quite disappointing because the concept is amazing but the game its self just does not deliver

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GF Rating

Above Average

Turning Point: Freeze of Liberty

posted by Stewie84 (EVANSVILLE, IN) Jul 17, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

20 out of 22 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

What if? What if Winston Churchill had died when he was struck by that taxi? What if he never became Prime Minister? Would the Nazis roll over western Europe? If they did, what would stop them from heading straight for the eastern seaboard? And what if they did?

This is where you come in. As a construction worker in the wrong place at the wrong time, yo-

And then the game freezes.

Completely ignoring the fact that the US was NEVER in any danger of (apparently singular use of the name of German soldiers during WWII is against the rules here) occupation, even if the above events occured, what we had here was your typical run and gun WWII sim. Pick up weapons, shoot Nazis (which never gets old), blow up things, all the usual. War-torn New York and DC come in remarkably clear, and you get the adrenaline rush of a "Not in my back yard!" mentali-

And then the game freezes.

Weaponry tends to differ very little. All it really boils down to is American this and German this, American that and German that. You may find a weapon or two you're better with, but it mostly boils down to what the enemies are using, and what you can get more ammo fo-

And then the game freezes.

The levels are rather linear, go from point A to point B, ad nausium. Checkpoints are spread in sometimes generous, sometimes not manners throughout the various levels, and save automatically at that point, so you can pick up at the immensly difficult part you left off/died/froze a-

And then the game freezes.

To top it all off, what would otherwise be a fun and challenging game is bogged down by it's often-enough-to-tick- you- off tendency to freeze, sometimes at extremely aggravating times. I admit, I didn't finish the game, sending it back after I froze six out of the eight times I tried to accomplish the second to last level, and after a while I was so mad I ha-

And then the game freezes.

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GF Rating


I Really wanted this game to be good

posted by ManOnFire (WAYNESBORO, PA) Mar 5, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

10 out of 11 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

The game keeps on freezeing up, the controls are too loose, the graphics are not very good. But I could not get enough, I don't know why. Checkpoints are to far a part. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME RENT IT PLAY HATE IT SEND IT BACK.

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