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Tsugunai: Atonement


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Get unlimited gold

Go to the beach where she goes to find the Aquamarine, when you get the Chief Fisherman's Daughter, After you fight the little Jewel Leapers they will give you the stones which are needed to make Runes. Get a large number of these stones and some gold and go to the Rune-Makers shop. You will want to Refine these Gems into Runes, which cost 230 gold. After the Gems are refined, the Rune Shop will purchase them back at 400 to 500 gold.

Ascertain extra items

Go to where you get the Small Lithograph and the Fire Rune, when the game first starts and you are in the castle. Go to the bridge where you came from and fight all the enemies. Now, go back into the place where you get the Small Lithograph and Fire Rune then exit. Repeat this process and you will get all sorts of stock, mainly Medicines and Red Stones. You also will get experience points which will make you stronger. To get even more items, when you fight use the Counter Guard. This is where you will get Tactical Bonuses and more items.