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True Crime: New York City


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Also on:GC, PS2
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Good game, but couldn't they have fixed the bugs?

posted by VTMarik (EVERETT, WA) Apr 14, 2006

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As you probably know, True Crime: New York City is the sequel to True Crime: Streets of LA. In this game you play Marcus Reed, a gang-banger turned police officer who unravels a massive network of corruption and decay inside the department he works for.

Now, pardon me for being idealistic, but for once could we have a game where the cops weren't all corrupt slimeballs? It's getting a little old...

Anyway, the story and the voice work is very good in this game. Not only is it deep and convincing, but you actually feel like you're talking to real cops. They've even got Christopher Walken in the cast! It's almost worth the price of admission on that point alone. The controls aren't bad either, being very responsive and immediate. The graphics are good, and the way the character moves is very life-like.

However, it's the bugs that tend to stand out in the game just as much as the great cast and controls.. They range from somewhat annoying (like your car rocketing into the sky, or a gun remaining in your hand even after disarming) to game-endingly ridiculous (like certain button cues not appearing). In fact, there's one big bug in the game that can even stop you from advancing any further. For a full-priced title, these sorts of problems really should be fixed before release. But then again, maybe that's just my idealism flaring up.

All in all, balancing the bugs and glitches against the good story, the awesome voice cast, and fantastic immersive experience; this game is definitely worth your perusal, if not your outright enjoyment. Definitely rent this one, and if you like it, go ahead and buy it.

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good, but glitchy

posted by Quickfeat (POULSBO, WA) Jul 24, 2006

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To start, let me say that this is a really cool game. Having said that, it could use some work as far as some of the basic system runnings, (ex. basic glitches) Most of the glitches in this game don't affect the overall game play, they're just a little odd the first time you see them. The only real beef I have with the game is that from time to time, the game will freeze up completly and a full system reboot is necessary, leaving all unsaved data to be lost. As long as you save frequently, this will only be annoying rather than devastating. As far as actual gameplay goes, is is very fluid and always different, (main missions, not street crimes, those tend to repeat after a while) I would definetly recommend this game to the older gamers, NOT to the little kiddies. Have fun and play hard XD

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A crime indeed

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Apr 29, 2006

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True Crime: New York City is what happens when developers spend more time looking for flash and product placements and less time on solid gameplay. Cloning almost everything from GTA: San Andreas, True Crime gives you a free-form version of Manhattan to explore, arresting criminals along the way and weaving your way through various crime syndicates in the storyline. The story is just interesting enough to keep you from throwing your controller down in tedium, but the missions are pretty similar (shoot a bunch of guys, defeat and interrogate the boss, find an exit). You will also clean up different districts of the city by completing random city crimes. All of these actions give you good and bad cop points, accept that it seems to matter little to the gameplay. The graphics are average by modern standards, except that the city is so dark, it's hard to see what you're doing half the time. The voice acting, while well done, is hardly audible during cutscenes and much louder during gameplay. What really drags this game down is the flawed gameplay and controls. Your actions are mapped to buttons in awkward fashion and the bugs, glitches, graphic tearing, framerate studders and game freezes lead to more frustration than fun. The game seems like it could have been enjoyable if it were built better, but it wasn't. With so many good free-roaming games like GTA, Mercenaries, Hulk and Spiderman, why get this?

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