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Good Game

posted by GodGamer (HILLSDALE, NJ) Apr 12, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

Personally, i love this game. If you like the sims games, roller coaster tycoon, or even games like supereme commander your gonna love this. Thing is you gotta like the genre. If you are the kind of person who isnt happy unless there is a machine gun in your hand and a team of worthy opponents to shoot up, this isnt your game. Dont even bother with it. If youre not, get this game immediatly. The only problem with it is the dialoge and writing you have to read. Immpossible if you don't have at least a 36" TV onless you have good eyesight. If you don't have either of those, you can still play, just your gameplay experience will be lessened. If you do, you will have one of the funnest experiences of your life with this type of game. My biggest good point about this game is the controls. For me, i have always had problems with controls for these types of games. The same could not be said for this game. The controls are as easy as any CoD controls. If you have never tried these kinds of games and want to, you should definetly start off here.

Definet buy if you like the genre.

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GF Rating


Game whose greatness hurts itself

posted by PureGamer1 (SANTA CLARITA, CA) Apr 10, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

I first heard about Tropico 3 while on IGN, the premise of playing as a power hungry dictator on your own tropical island sounded like an interesting new idea to me.

When I booted up my 360 console I was instantly overwhelmed. The sheer magnitude of the game was hardly revealed during trailers and gameplay videos.

You begin this game by choosing or creating your own dictator, your creations can range from anything between James Bond to any infamous dictator in history. While customizing your character you can choose traits like “war hero” or “intellectual” that will slightly affect your in-game play.

This games highlight is its complexity. You literally can run your entire country as you would imagine any leader today would. You can set the prices for your newspapers, establish secret police, use prison labor, set the education types for your high schools and colleges. You can even kill or arrest any citizen you desire.

You start off as a small farming community and can adjust your island to fill whatever role you would like, whether it be tourist trap to industrial powerhouse, from capitalistic free-market to fascist dictatorship to anything in between. However this games complexity is also its biggest flaw.

You can never make everyone happy, which may seem obvious to most but after a while it becomes hard to bear.

You can build sporting venues, movie theaters, power plants, oil refineries, etc. But you cannot level or adjust the geography of your island. In sandbox mode, you cant even create your own island.

This game is difficult to master at first and you will fail, but dont worry, when you fail it is in the first 10 minutes of the game and is easy to restart. Just start small and follow the suggestions.

Sound and graphics are nothing to complain about, they are above average and add to the setting of the game.

This is a great game that many will find too complex but once mastered is a fun game with limitless potential.

Happy Gaming,


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GF Rating

Above Average


posted by Gurrry (BRISTOL, CT) Apr 9, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

Cool game if u like building houses and roads and all that, but after u get so far, it just becomes making all the people happy and everyone is always upset with something

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