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Exhilaration... when it's finally over.

posted by captainmayhem13 (MILWAUKEE, WI) Aug 27, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

I believe the game designers decided that instead of making controls that actually work with any kind of reliability, they would put spawn points every 5 feet. This game does have it's moments when it begins to flow. However, they are severely marred by sequences that would be considerably more frustrating if not for the multitude of checkpoints mentioned previously. Essentially, the game consists of running from one cut/fight scene to the next. The story is bland and difficult to follow. Your character never speaks which makes it difficult to connect with him. As a result, you don't really care if he lives or dies, which is good, because he will die often. Usually pointlessly.

Some people have downgraded this game because the play through is so short. I disagree. The short play time is the only thing that makes it playable all the way through. Ultimately, when you finish the game, there is a sense of relief knowing that you can slide it back into it's package and return to sender. You can pat yourself on the back for having the patience to finish it while thanking god that you didn't shell out $60 to purchase this digital disaster.

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Very Good

not bad

posted by lazygamer18 (CLEVELAND, OH) Aug 23, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

Tron is a good game but i found the controles a bit touchy.
and i thought the story is bit complex because you can get lost an derezzed alot. all in all it is good

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Really Bad

Could have been good

posted by mental1000 (SABINAL, TX) Aug 19, 2011

Member since Nov 2008

I got very bored with this game and the controlablility sucked. I don't know how many times I just stopped after the bad controlability frustrated me.
I love beating games and I generally like movie games. I loved the original tron games even in thier really basic state (I remember playing the games outside the theaters waiting for a movie to start).

This one was a huge disappointment, the ONLY thing going for it was the 3D effects were nice.

I always walked away from this game feeling let down.

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