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Lots of fun, very short.

posted by IdCaster (WILDER, KY) Dec 6, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

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Disney's Tron: Evolution is the prequel to their new Tron film and it really is nothing more than a setup piece for the movie at the end of the day...but it's a fun ride.

The action is smooth and the graphics really put you into the universe of Tron like you probably always wanted to be since you saw the original movie. The game puts a premium on speed, urging you to hold down the sprint button for as much of the game as you can while you run on walls and do some platforming and obstacle dodging. The combat isn't too challenging and the different light disc upgrades you earn are important to learn and switch between so you can take on each different enemy. The light bike doesn't take up much of the game but the stages it is used are lightning fast and fun to look at if you get a second to scope out the surroundings.

This is a definite rental game as it will only take you about 6 hours to beat but you will have fun if you like action, platforming, and driving stages in your games.

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Good movie, BETTER game!

posted by CritScott (QUAKERTOWN, PA) Mar 12, 2011

Member since Jun 2010

8 out of 8 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Being a Tron fan since the 80's, I couldn't wait to play this game after reading and watching the trailers. I normally think games made after movies are just "fan service", but this is one exception I think truly belongs as a video game (in fact, they could have made the game and not the movie in this case - lol. But no, both work together - that's the formula.)

My focus is on the experience of the gameplay, and how it meshes with the larger storyline of the Tron world. I rarely "complete" an entire game so I'm not concerned with how "long" it is, although I understand to many that's a big deal. After completing the levels, every additional hour must be considered "replay value" anyway.

Appearance/Graphics: To me, this was an amazing 3D experience. I was impressed by the crystal clear HD world that was created here. The ambience music/sound set the atmosphere, and I felt like I was "in" the movie, seeing some "missing scenes." I must critique the movie for a moment: between the product placement, and storyline about ISOs and programs running amuck and starting revolutions, the film characters and points were under-developed in some parts and they could/should have done a lot more with it, but they didn't. I think the game helps the movie a LOT.

Gameplay: running through the 3-D obstacle course, finding items, mastering tricky, advanced jumping moves, I was very satisfied with the tight, yet fluid controls and movements. The in-between hand-to-hand combat parts were exciting and kept me interested in learning the attack combos and various powerups in the game.

I like how the action is broken up between the exploration, the battles, the upgrading, the lightcycles, etc. Delivered all I expected, never got bored. Overall, great game!

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GF Rating

Very Good

actually a good game.

posted by SteelCity (SAXONBURG, PA) Apr 24, 2011

Member since Mar 2010

7 out of 7 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

It drives me insane how many people feel the need to write a review (good or bad) after having played the game for a day or two. Or in one reviewers own words 3 minutes. Sometimes you need to let the game progress to really appreciate the game as a whole.

This game was quite entertaining once I really got into it. I myself said this game sucks about ten minutes into it but once you get comfortable with the controls (which are not clunky and difficult. They did a good job there. dont listen to the bad hype. Some people arent happy unless its easy for them.) online play was amusing enough to make me want to complete the trophies. Lightcycle multi was weak however.
I dont concern myself with graphics to much. If the game is fun I can look past it. Had obvious replay value in my opinion as I played through three times for the trophies. Once I played insane mode on my third time I was so comfortable with the gameplay I rolled through it in a day (hungover). Which is nice because some games are very frustrating on their top level game modes.
You really cant go wrong with this game as a rental. Glad I didnt purchase it, but hey thats what gamefly is here for.

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