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Very Good

This is the Wii version of Tron, expect it as much

posted by JohnnyDark (SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA) Jan 11, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

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I really dont think people should complain that this Wii version is not like the PS3 or Xbox version, because its a Wii! Of course its not like the PS3 version thats just plain dumb to expect it to be is absurd. Having got that out of the way, judging this version for what it offers, it is basically the cartoonized version of Tron which is not so bad since I hear Disney is making a cartoon series for Tron sort of in the style of clone wars. On big advantage this version has over the PS3 (which ive played) is that you can actually drive lightcycles in races on grids, in battles with cpu or online including cockpit views. This version also has games based on the original tron movie including the jai lai like game. So if you have a wii enjoy this version for what it offers and if you want photo realism go get a ps3 and play it on that. Or if you have both like me the two versions compliment eachother not overlap. so give it a break.

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Not Worth Battling it out on These Grids

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Dec 8, 2010

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With the release of the movie Tron: Legacy, I was pumped to play the gamed associated with the movie.
As I was playing the Wii version, Tron: Evolution Battle Grids, I felt like this was just a childish version of the PS3 or 360 game Tron: Legacy, and it doesn’t follow the movie at all.
And with that, almost all excitement I had about playing the game disappeared.
The Wii version is more of a party type game compilation where you compete with 3 other players in Tron based games.
Games like the Light Cycle arena mode, the Disc or Tank battle, the toss the glowing ball so your opponent can’t catch it.
However, 8 of the 15 available games are locked, and in order to unlock them, you will have to go through the Story Mode.
What’s wrong with that? Well, there isn’t much of a story in Story Mode.
Here, you play as an ISO program - a computerized guy or gal - who is on a quest to become champion of the Tron Games. To do so, you wander about several stages and compete in games against the AI.
Win and you move the story along to the next section. Lose, and you’ll have to play that game again.
This tale got so bland that I lost interest an hour into playing the game. There’s no grand threat or conspiracy to take over the land; it’s just you playing in games against the AI. Good thing this mode only lasts between three to five hours.
And the games aren’t that great; the Light Cycle can take too long, the tank and disc battling game is nothing more than dodge and mash that B button, and the catch game with the glowing ball can get irritating for some players.
You can use your winnings in Story Mode to buy different equipment or outfits, but that didn’t have much of an effect on overall gameplay.
This is just a weak excuse to take money from you; they should’ve just given us the same game as the PS3/360 crowd. But they didn’t - and at $50, Tron: Evolution Battle Grids isn’t worth it. SKIP IT.

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Great game!

posted by Watermelonman (MINNETONKA, MN) Apr 27, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

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Tron evolution battle grids is a great game for you and the gamer! There are so many different options for multiplayer gameplay, you can customize your own program with the character customizer, and can use that character in story mode! The only bad things are that the graphics could use a touch up and the story mode should be extended, other than that this game is great.

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