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OK, but not a good multiplayer version

posted by drgldy76 (GREENVILLE, SC) Jan 25, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

It was okay when I played by myself, but when it was with someone else it kept having problems. The classic version was okay, but the quick multiplayer version had some tasks that wouldn't respond with the remotes.

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posted by DoctorScar (GREELEY, CO) Jul 22, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

As some other reviews have pointed out, the text in the game is way too small. On my 47 inch HDTV, I could barely make out the writing. Of course the entirety of the gameplay is based on answer trivia questions, which are not read to you, but written in that small font. Why the game makers would not include an option to change font size is a mystery.

This is far from the only problem with the game. The hosts commentary gets old very fast, and the controls are difficult to pick up. Some questions require you to drag a slider using the B button, then hit A when you choice is set. Hit A accidentally first, and you get the question wrong.

A much better quiz like game for the Wii is Scene It.

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Very disappointing

posted by stevejer (UNDERWOOD, IA) Jul 11, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

I signed on specifically so I could write how much I hate and loathe and despise this game, which was tres disappointing, given how much I love A) Trivial Pursuit the board game and B) Wii games in general. I hated the annoying "you're a loser" commentary. I hated the insane giggling the character did at every question. I hated the butt ugly, Mii-less little figures they made you play with (better to have no persona at all; just use game tokens). I hated hated hated the fact that EVERYTHING turned into a geography question with the horrible, impossible to interpret maps. (I know where "The OC'' is set! I know where "Bridget Jones" is set! I know where Jean-Bertrand Aristide was president! I just can't read your clinically insane maps.) This was possibly the least entertaining experience I've had with a Wii game.

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