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Good JRPG Fun

posted by expertcoder (PITTSBURGH, PA) Feb 10, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

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Playing this is playing homage to your tyipcal JRPG genra. A difference is the characters are animated a bit so you can see them do things like wink and breathe, and so forth. Gameplay wise is limit dungeon structure of running around random dungeons searching for treasure. Game balance is you'll be able to beat the dungeon itself easily hands down then get into a fight with a fiend and its either escape or game over. You can be literally 15+ levels ahead and the fiend will bite your head off be warned. It's not a forgiving game in that regard. Graphics are 3-d modelled and they are alright, certainly not taxing the current system by any means. Is it ugly? Not ugly but not graphically amazing either. Lagging a bit behind cuurrent tech. If you like an old-schoolish game that doesn't take itself seriously give this a try.

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posted by BloodyHeck (HOLCOMB, KS) Jan 30, 2013

Member since Oct 2008

Loved the storyline and characters but the controls and random badie pop-ups make it unplayable

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Very Good

Very fun and light hearted JRPG

posted by AlwaysTumbling (DOW CITY, IA) Nov 6, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

I really didn't know what to expect going into this game but I think that's part of it's charm as it seems to defy expectations anyway.

:The solid:

- Dual voice tracks on disc allowing you to listen to either the English Dub or the Original Japanese VA.

- Great traditional JRPG combat mechanics with a not-so-original but welcome combo twist added in.

- Trinity Souls basically has two separate story modes to complete as a different set of characters and parties.

- Rewards exploration of not only dungeons with items and decent XP throughout but exploring it's own menu systems too as it has one of the most adorable tutorial assistants ever.

- Great cast of characters that work off of each other very well despite being from different games etc., I loved the conversations throughout the game, it has very funny anime style humor.

- The game gives you a few ways to improve your characters as you play. Just grinding isn't always the best answer as you have weapon upgrades, arena fights where you make monsters out of the random things you find while exploring to fight them for permanent stat increases, and of course equipment purchases.

:The unstable:

- The music never really caught on with me, I found myself turning the bgm volume down about half way through the game and listening to my own music.

- The Lurkers. They are monsters that, when you've stuck around a dungeon long enough, reveal their "evil aura" where you proceed to either run to the exit as fast as you can or fight a very over-powered version of a regular enemy type ranging from 15-50 levels higher than the monsters in the current dungeon and usually your party. You can use the "run away" skill to escape but that of course depends on whether you have it equipped and if the monster hasn't already KO-ed half your party.

It was a great mix of fun dialogue, exploration, and traditional JRPG combat. A good rental and solid game - I recommend it highly to any fan of the ge

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