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Really Bad

One for the Kiddies.

posted by BaIIsweat (MEDFORD, OR) Sep 25, 2011

Member since May 2011


I'm not going to lie... I couldn't even really give this game a chance. It's entirely too anime-themed, but not in a good way. I'm not talking about your bad-a type of anime.. I'm talking like an anime that your 8 year old son would love if he understood Japanese. This childlike essence was too much for me and I gave the game an hour or two before slipping it back into that Gamefly wrapper and sent it back. I'm not even entirely sure why they released this game in the U.S. This type of theme isn't very popular among American children, let alone teenagers and older.

I guess you could say it brought me back to my teenage days of seeing InuYasha on Adult Swim... If InuYasha was a lot more childish and targeted 6 year olds. Truly a waste of time. Bubble-gum-pop-Japanese-scene type game that I would've been mad about renting if it costed me any money. It did waste about 5 days of me having to wait for another game to show up.

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GF Rating


too slow

posted by Aquateen (WAYLAND, NY) Sep 15, 2011

Member since Apr 2010

I've played other NIS games before, but this game is just bad. It's very slow paced, the battle system is poor, story doesn't make sense, and characters are just strange. Plus, you can't interact with a whole lot in the game. The constant advice you get is also annoying. In short, it's a bad game, and one would be better off not playing it. The only NIS game that would be worth playing is Phantom Brave.

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Unique.. that's for sure.

posted by Sunny357 (OSAGE CITY, KS) Jun 2, 2011

Member since Sep 2009

Now as much as Unique sounds like a good thing, in this case. It really isn't.

The game features a quirky (at best) sense of humour, that will eventually run on. The entire system is pretty much a reused scrap of other games, all jumbled up together, to make one, rather awful game.

I really wish they'd go back to something with more depth of interest, than childish comedic rift-raft, that could dribble out of a mouthy child. Breast jokes, lame back and forth tussles, and the constantly regurgitated dude, that they felt the need to spell "dood" that you will hear repeatedly until it is almost mind-numbing.

The story is lacking, the graphics aren't up to par, the system of "gain items to make items" gets quite annoying, and as someone else mentioned, this need to try to be comedic rather than make an interesting story, would be an all-right blend, if they EVER shut up.

This game is so bad, it has made it so now I will check every RPG I intend on renting, to ensure there are none of these stupid characters, before I even rent it.

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