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Very interesting game

posted by KristophG (CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH) Jul 2, 2010

Member since Nov 2009

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What I like about most JRPG's is that some of them don't like to take themselves seriously and this is no exception. This game basically throws every JRPG cliche at you on purpose just to see if you will either laugh at it, get irritated, or even get too embarassed to look at the screen because you are face-palming, and this is the charm this game has. The battle system is also very simplistic and easy to use, unlike the one in NIS last cross over game Cross Edge. Where that game completely failed with the humor and battle system, this game truly makes up for it. You get to fight with old favorite characters like Etna and Flonne from the Disgaea series as well as some other familiar faces.

If you are really into JRPG's and anime and like the humor of cliche after cliche thrown in your face on purpose to joke around with your or press your buttons then this game is definitely for you. If you are not into JRPG's or anime then I really don't recommend this game. This is a pretty solid title and I would recommend this to any JRPG fan with a sense of humor!

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Water logged Trinity

posted by zargot (PHOENIX, AZ) Oct 24, 2010

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Well for those of us who want to give a chance to another one of these three in one games here we go again. The game was not exactly bad but it wasn't anything impressive. It feels like it very watered down game. Nothing feels complete, the synthesis system is nothing like in the Atelier games, its more like the bazaar system in FF12. The dungeons are more or less photo copies of one another. The battle system is actually not to bad, working up huge combos between up to 4 characters ending in flashy final attacks. Given that the battle system is horrible unbalanced, either you are wiping the floor with the enemies or they are wiping it with you. There is never a moment in the game where you ever feel comfortable with fighting strong enemies. Good example is I managed to make the final weapon for the main character early in the game and he still was doing minimal damage to bosses. The story line in the game has its moments, I was cracking up mostly due to Etna and the Prinnies, the other characters were more of less forgettable. It does have 2 stories to play through and allow you to carry over everything but levels after beating the game and that is a good thing. Over all I didn't hate the game but as usual with the team up games it was far short of expectations.

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Instant Classic

posted by terraforme (WESTON, FL) Aug 14, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

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I believe this game was made for a very specific type of gamer.
It's not something that I think everyone should play or want to play, but for me, it just hits the nail smack in the center.

To me, dungeon crawling in this game isn't repetitive, it's addicting. I just believe this game has a formula that works very well, as this game is simple to play, but is difficult and takes a LONG time to master.

I could not find one character that I was introduced to in the whole game who I didn't immediately want to make friends with (maybe except for Pamela, she sounds like a stalker). Everyone is very charming and is wonderful to listen to (I use the Japanese audio option, and if you don't you may regret it).

Combat in this game is more complex than the age-old menu of options (Attack, Magic, Items, etc.) and allows for more diverse combinations of moves. It also requires smart button inputs.

Ex: hitting square, square, square, square, square will do one combo,
hitting square, square, X, will do another one. (Not sure if that's an actual combo or not, this is all hypothetical).

However, if you were to use square, square, square, square, square,X
then you would do both combos in a shortened chain. When you're in the middle of a huge combo, it can be difficult to remember the last few buttons you pressed.

This game isn't nearly as ridiculous as NIS's last attempt at an RPG, Cross Edge. And what I mean by that is that Trinity Universe is a lot more user-friendly, the requirements for using weapons and skills aren't as strict as their last game, and that is what makes this game just sell.

To me, this is one of those instant classic games, right up there with Zelda and Metroid. I love everything about this game. The funny events, the happy-sounding music, the easy-to-grasp but difficult-to-master combat system, and just gazing at the Netheruniverse on the world map.

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