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Good JRPG Fun

posted by expertcoder (PITTSBURGH, PA) Feb 10, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

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Playing this is playing homage to your tyipcal JRPG genra. A difference is the characters are animated a bit so you can see them do things like wink and breathe, and so forth. Gameplay wise is limit dungeon structure of running around random dungeons searching for treasure. Game balance is you'll be able to beat the dungeon itself easily hands down then get into a fight with a fiend and its either escape or game over. You can be literally 15+ levels ahead and the fiend will bite your head off be warned. It's not a forgiving game in that regard. Graphics are 3-d modelled and they are alright, certainly not taxing the current system by any means. Is it ugly? Not ugly but not graphically amazing either. Lagging a bit behind cuurrent tech. If you like an old-schoolish game that doesn't take itself seriously give this a try.

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Great Game for a Great Genre from a great Company!

posted by TaurenBK12 (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Jul 20, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

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Okay this game is awesome you play as one of two characters, Kanata the Demon Dog King, or Rizelea, the Valkyrie. The game is set in a area of void space named, The Neitheruniverse, where all sorts of objects float to. The battle system at first looks very unoriginal, but after finishing all the tutorials it gets really intresting. It depends on how your fighting style is. You use different types of attacks, Rush Blow, Mighty Blow, or Magic Attack pretty much. The intresting part is you press the buttons that are assigned to them in a random order but you can create combos that make super attacks if you hit them in the right order depending on your weapon. Characters also have their own special moves just for them that can do massive damage strung together. You can also waste even less AP by making the chain connect like; O, O, X, X, Square, Square, activates a super attack and then add three more Sqaures and it makes the rush combo with 18 less AP spent. The item creation can be difficult but it also shows you that you need to do more dungeon exploring and drifting to get what you need. Managraphics on your weapons are also a cool feature that allows you to make your weapon deal a specfic type of elemental damage and create a specific type of mana. The character design is great and the story is fantasic with silly and serious moments but it still has the feel of a good NISA game. Nippon Ichi Software, (Makers of the Disgaea Series) and Gust Incorporated, (Makers of the Alchemist series) have come together to make one of the best JRPGs of it's time rivaling Pokemon Red and Blue. At least try it out it is a fun experience and it isn't the ending until the last dungeon is solved and all your characters are level 9999. The cap in all Disgaea games Nippon Ichi Software brought the best of their games with them. I wish I could have told you more but I'm running out of characters. There is so much I haven't even scratched the surface! I hope you have as much fun as I am!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Trinity Universe

posted by Tatsu77 (SAINT PAUL, MN) Jul 31, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

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I found the title to quite entertaining. The battle system was fun and unique. I give Trinity Universe an 8/10. There are a few small things that bothered me about the game though, first the totally disproportnate skills of the dounge bosses. You would be 15 to 20 levels higher then the dungeon. Killing monsters easily go fight the boss, especially if this was an event battle, and watch as everyone in your party dies in a matter of minutes. The other things that I didn’t like about this game is the item scheme, vendors never really sold items unless they were so outdated that they were worthless. Thus you had to syntheses all of your items. Finding the materials for this endeavor was a challenge that required massive amounts of time spent running in circles over and over again to get an item that’s only slightly better then what you currently have. I stopped playing the game when all of my characters were level 60 I did an event boss fight and within 3 full turns everyone was dead… I would like to note this was in a level 41 dungeon. The reason I was level 60 in a 41 dungeon was because of the endless amounts of time I spent gathering materials to try and synthesis better items. Also I saw that the only advantage to having a higher level character was that they had more HP, other then that a character of level 8 has no more defenses then a character that’s level 60. If an enemy hits your level 60 for 300 damage he will turn around and hit your level 8 for 300 damage.

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