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posted by biIIbrasky (PHARR, TX) Sep 19, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

To everyone crying saying this isn't a racing game, you are correct.

It's not a racing game, it's trials game. Learn what you're giving a review on before reviewing it.

Trials is motorcross term used to define an obstacle course you idiots.

Anyway, this game is great just like all the previous Trials games dating back to the original Trials on

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This should be a Phone App

posted by wonderbilly (SALINAS, CA) Aug 30, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

If you remember Excitebike from your childhood days, go play that. This is NOT a racing game, it is a physics simulator. The only controls are lean forward/back, gas, and brake. At no point in this game do you even get to steer. You simply jam on the throttle, travel in a straight line, and try to keep your balance on the bike. Save yourself the time, as every free gaming site on the internet (or your app store) has something similar, if not exactly the same thing. Complete shovelware garbage. Avoid at all cost.

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Bland and repetitive

posted by Guz (WESTWOOD, NJ) Jul 1, 2014

Member since Jul 2014

There's not a whole lot to say as there's not a whole lot to the game. There is a "campaign mode" which has you travel to tracks which take a minute at a time to beat on average to earn a Gold medal. There is no story mode.

The gameplay is press the gas while you lean forward or back on your bike. The game is a side scrolling racing game on rails. You can only move forward and can't position your bike along the "track". There are more movement options on Excitebike for NES than this game has.

There's no on-line multiplayer, only couch which I did not try. The on-line tournaments feel like an extension of campaign as you stack your times up against other people.. but none that you play against live.

The "announcers" repeat mostly the same lines on each course. If you're having a hard time with a course, prepare to hear the same speech numerous times.

The graphics are really nice and your friends names showing up as you race is a cool feature so you know where you stack against those on your friends list. You can also customize your biker, which seems mostly worthless in a racing game where no one else will ever see you on a track with the lack of good multi-player.

In all, even the graphics and cool features can't help the repetitiveness of the audio and the gameplay.

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