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Excellent variety of gameplay!

posted by Nite0wl8 (CINCINNATI, OH) Sep 5, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

I wasn't sure what to think of Trauma Team when I first heard of it. I really enjoyed Trauma Center: Under the Knife, but I knew this game offered additional ways to play. It turns out it does, with fantastic results.

Trauma Team allows you to play not only as a surgeon similar to the other Trauma games, but also allows you to play as an EMT, other surgeons, and diagnostician. These are pretty cool, but by far the coolest profession is medical examiner. These missions are nothing like the high-stress surgical procedures. In the medical examiner missions, you collect evidence and gather information from the victims' bodies and crime scenes. You then piece together the information to solve the case. Along the way, you have to answer multiple choice questions. Some of them really require your brain. It is like an episode of CSI, but even better because you are in control of where the investigation goes. Serious fun.

Interspersed with all of the doctors' missions are cut scenes with a comic book style. They are a great way to flesh out the story of each doctor. Though I would have preferred full animation, the scenes are still a welcome way to introduce and wrap up each mission.

Another interesting result of having multiple protagonists is that you have different experiences based on the personalities of the different doctors. If you don't like how one doctor acts, you can switch and do missions of another. Though eventually you will have to complete missions of all the doctors to advance the story.

The other Trauma games showed us that taking on the role of a doctor could be fun, and this game improves on it by offering many ways to play. Plus you learn a thing or two about the medical profession. Highly recommended.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Steady hands

posted by Nightwolf_62 (CHELMSFORD, MA) Nov 11, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

This game is a terrific training simulation if you are dreaming of becoming a medical professional. It requires you to have a steady hand and a sharp mind to help hospital patients recover. I give this game a 9 of 10 stars for gameplay and 8 of 10 for graphic clarity.

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GF Rating

Very Good

I really like this game

posted by wolf_gamer (FOUNTAIN CITY, IN) Sep 18, 2012

Member since Apr 2011

I beat this game on Tuesday, September 18th at 11:50PM, it had taken me 4 days. I will start with the graphics, even though it was in 2D for most of the time, it was nice. Atlus does the best work on video games mostly on Role Playing Games, like Odin sphere and Catherine (I know their is more but for two likely examples that Atlus is a great gaming company mostly on an anime games. This game really makes you think, like Doctor Naomi Kimishima, you are crime scenes and while their you will get a special call (if you are unfamiliar with the game like I was) (this game is really for people who are in to the human body and Doctors.) anyway I that it makes you have to look into things more, in playing as Dr. Kimishima and Dr. Cunningham. I give this worthy of playing in the highest form, oh I had help with some of the cases though on youtube. from your friend wolf_gamer, happy gaming.

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