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GF Rating


Great Game

posted by Financial (ORLANDO, FL) Jun 8, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

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This game makes you think in a enjoyable way. The stories are pretty good and it almost give you some insight as to what these professions do. They should make more scenarios with more movie animations.

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Best Trauma Center Yet

posted by gigglez (OAK GROVE, KY) May 23, 2010

Member since Feb 2008

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I love the game. I've played all the other trauma center games. I love how they made the game where u play different roles within the medical field. GREAT game and a must play for all trauma center fans!!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Excellent game about saving lives

posted by Burnitopia (MOUNT VERNON, WA) Dec 14, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

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I haven't played any of the previous entries in the Trauma Center series, but I have heard good things. In fact, I didn't even have time to finish this game, but I got a good impression of every one of the gameplay modes.

SURGERY: the Trauma Center staple. Operate on patients, but watch their vitals!

FIRST RESPONSE: Like surgery, but with more patients, less tools, and much less time. These patients are all in critical condition on the site of the accident, and a moment of inattention will spell death for them.

ORTHOPEDICS: Bone surgery, to put it simply. Fix everything from simple fractures to bone cancer in a much more action-oriented style of surgery.

ENDOSCOPY: Using a special device (basically a tube with a camera and tools attached), enter a patient and take out everything from tumors to hemorhagging.

DIAGNOSTICS: In a more slow-paced style, question the (sometimes stubborn) patients, look for symptoms, and try to find out exactly what the patient is suffering and how to treat it. Often, you will diagnose a patient that will later go into surgery or endoscopy.

FORENSICS: Analyze the bodies of the deceased, and try to put together evidence of the time and cause of death, as well as the murderer (if there is one). Each chapter begins with you hearing the victim's last thoughts.

Overall, this game is packed with great gameplay, and will last you quite a while. I played somewhere from 12-18 hours, and I didn't quite finish. Highly recommended for Wii owners looking for a different kind of game.

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