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The Trauma Series Strikes Gold Again!

posted by Pyrospazz (BROOKFIELD, MA) May 19, 2010

Member since Mar 2009

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Wow! This game is excellent! There are many new features. We got some two player action, and time is no longer a restraint in the new Trauma game. So you have a chance to really focus on what your doing.

Atlus has given this game a new twist. This game has six different medical professions for gamers to master: endoscopy, forensics, first-response, orthopedics, diagnosis, and of course, surgery.

The endoscopy section is just what it sounds like. You navigate a scope through the patients intestines in search of their problem.

Forensics strays a bit from the trauma series but is fun all the same. You play as Naomi, a familiar face to Trauma fans, and figure out what happened to the person and why.

First-response often involves treating multiple patients at once in a non-hospital setting. You deal more with external wounds, so as not to repeat the surgery game play.

Orthopedics, as you'd expect, deals mostly with healing damaged bones. You have to be extremely precise with your tools in this mode. The slightest fault could end badly. You have very unique tools like a surgical drill and hammer.

Diagnosis is a bit far fetched for a Trauma game, but it's done well. This mode is for our puzzle-loving gamers. Figure out what's wrong with the patient.

Surgery hasn't changed much. New, more exciting operations, and no G.U.I.L.T. There's something really mysterious about the surgeon though...

Each story is played by a different main character, so that means different story lines! Can you say replay value six fold? Also, since the professions are different, that means you can use different tools too.

Something new to the series, cut scenes! More like manga style comics, these sections will give the game a more in depth look at the storyline and a real insight into what the character's motives really are.

All and all, a great game. I'd rate it like so:

Graphics: 8
Storyline: 8
Replay value: 10
Audio: 9
Hardcore or casual game play?: Both
Fun?: 9.5

Go for it gamers!

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posted by tiarose (LOS ANGELES, CA) Jun 8, 2010

Member since Sep 2008

5 out of 5 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This game is great. It is very intense. It's very easy to get caught up and feel like you really are the character. It's very hard to put down. Definately a keeper. All 6 characters are phenominal.

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Very Good

Sign Me Up For Trauma Team

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) May 28, 2010

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Member since Jan 2008

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When Trauma Center came out with the Wii, it was one of a few games where you have to save lives - without killing anyone else.
Now with Trauma Team, the idea has been specialized into six sections. First, you have the original doctor; a First Responders (treating injuries on the scene of tragic events); an endoscope operator for treating lungs, and intestine; a doctor for treating physical injuries; a diagnosing doctor, and a doctor to perform autopsies.
The game does a great job of getting players up and running (each doctor has a unique style of play). The surgery parts were some of the most enjoyable I’ve seen since Trauma Center.
But the diagnosis part and the autopsy part still need some work. They both work like a lot like a point and click adventure, and just like many other point and click adventures, players can get stuck trying to find the last piece of evidence or that last bit of information to get a diagnosis. I really would’ve like to see a Hint button that shows me what I’m missing.
And experts of the original may find this game a little too easy.
But those small gripes. The story writing here is excellent, and it’s interesting to see how these vastly different doctors team up to take on an epidemic.
And what’s even better is this game is packed with content that will give many hours of enjoyment (in my case, it was more than twenty hours).
Trauma Team won’t make you a doctor, but it gave me great joy in pretending I was one. BUY IT.

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